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iGrafx® FlowCharter® bietet die umfangreichste und benutzerfreundlichste Funktionspalette für Prozessmodellierung und -analyse und unterstützt Organisationen dabei, ihre Geschäftsprozesse zu verstehen und zu optimieren. iGrafx FlowCharter vereinfacht die grafische Darstellung von Prozessen, anhand derer Geschäftsinformationen mühelos nachvollziehbar sind.

iGrafx FlowCharter hat weit mehr zu bieten hat als gängige Produkte zur Diagrammerstellung oder zur Prozessabbildung. iGrafx FlowCharter ist das elementare Desktop-Modellierungswerkzeug der iGrafx-Familie für Process Excellence-Lösungen. Ganz gleich, ob es als eigenständiges Werkzeug eingesetzt oder in der iGrafx-Lösung für unternehmensweite Process Excellence integriert wird, der FlowCharter ermöglicht eine schnelle Dokumentation von Prozessen und Geschäftssystemen und liefert klare Erkenntnisse darüber, wie Verluste reduziert und Kosten gesenkt werden können und sorgt zugleich für zufriedene Kunden.

Einfach zu erstellende

  • Ablaufdiagramme / Swimlane®-Diagramme / Flussdiagramme
  • BPMN-Diagramme
  • Wertstromdesigns
  • Layout-/Spaghetti-Diagramme
  • Ursache-Wirkungs-/Ishikawa-Diagramme
  • FMEA-Tabellen
  • Auswahl-Diagramme
  • SIPOC-Diagramme
  • Benutzerdefinierte Vorlagen


  • Intelligentes Diagramming
  • Hierarchische Prozessorganisation
  • Wertstromanalyse
  • Große Auswahl an Diagrammtypen
  • Mehrsprachiger Inhalt
  • Model Publishing
  • Visio® Import
  • Document Lifecycle Management
  • Team Collaboration

iGrafx Viewer

Der kostenlose iGrafx Viewer ermöglicht Ihnen iGrafx Dateien mit weiteren Nutzern zu teilen, die keine Lizenz von FlowCharter, Process oder Process for SixSigma installiert haben.

iGrafx Viewer Plus (kostenpflichtig) ermöglicht Ihnen zusätzlich das Aus-Checken, Bearbeiten und Ein-Checken von Nicht-iGrafx Dokumenten von/nach Process Central sowie das Hinzufügen von Anmerkungen zu iGrafx Dokumenten im Process Central Repository.

  • Intelligent Diagramming

    Maximize mapping productivity and minimize errors

    Nobody does diagramming like iGrafx. Creating and editing process maps, whether they use cross-functional Swimlanes® or BPMN 2.0, is made easy with out-of-the-box templates and lots of features to help create diagrams that communicate exactly what you want with minimal clicks. Automatic correct-by-construction and rules checking capabilities will ensure BPMN diagrams meet notation standards and help enforce process compliance. With simple drag and drop, create diagrams from reusable processes and activities and automatically create relationships to resources, describe support from automated systems and more.

    Intelligent Diagramming
  • Hierarchical Process Organization

    Improve model consistency and understanding

    Save time by reusing sub-processes among your models, using top-down methodology and mapping the essential. Shape numbering changes cascade through the hierarchy automatically without manual adjustments and help your audience follow the process flow.

    Hierarchical Process Organization
  • Lean Value Stream Mapping

    Achieve breakthrough improvements through reducing waste

    Create classic or extended Value Stream Maps quicker than with pen and paper, and save time by taking advantage of automatic calculations, work balancing graphs and data roll-up. Editing your VSMs is easy once they’re captured in electronic format as is sharing them with others in your organization.

    Lean Value Stream MappingLean Value Stream Mapping
  • Wide Selection of Diagram Types

    Document your business beyond process maps

    iGrafx provides many different out-of-the box templates such as Cause and Effect (fishbone), Org Charts, Manufacturing Layout, SIPOC and more. iGrafx spreadsheet capability allows additional business information capture and documentation, with data then available to be integrated and shared among diagrams. With a wide range of palette shapes and diagramming flexibility, create your own custom templates.

    Wide Selection of Diagram TypesWide Selection of Diagram TypesWide Selection of Diagram Types
  • Multilingual Content

    Communicate process across borders

    Author multilingual diagrams in various languages and view content in your preferred language via the web to effectively collaborate with team members worldwide and communicate with global audiences.

  • Model Publishing

    Easily share your processes and related content

    Share any iGrafx diagrams or processes with your peers as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft® Office documents. And don’t worry about page parameters or how your process will look as a published document as you capture your processes – we take care of that for you.

    Model Publishing
  • Visio® Import

    Take your legacy content to the next level

    Leverage existing process documentation by converting Microsoft® Visio® diagrams to iGrafx format and open up the opportunity to perform more efficient and accurate process modeling.

  • Document Lifecycle Management

    Streamline document workflow

    Managing process documents through multiple stages of maturity is important not only from a regulatory perspective, but also for a systematic approach to process development. Retain version histories and take your process models from drafts to review stages through approval and sign-off with sophisticated capabilities for making sure the right people are informed and involved at the right stages.

  • Team Collaboration

    Bring process knowledge out of the dark

    Collaborate on processes and reuse the process knowledge that has been built up by yourself and other Process Experts over time. Process optimization and improvement projects can leverage all available process information including process maps, analysis reports, spreadsheets and related documents. With Web and mobile access, process consumers can annotate or comment on processes.