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Business Modeling & Architecture

See multiple dimensions of your business through your processes

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  • Strategy, Goals, and Measures

    Support larger initiatives with your business architecture

    Capture your organization’s strategies and goals, and monitor measurements of achievability. Aligning your process landscape and improvement projects to your company’s objectives will aide in decision making and support that projects are on the right focus.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Improve your ability to plan business and technology investments

    By modeling organizational structures and roles, you will understand who is responsible, accountable, informed, and consulted (RACI) for different activities that impact operations and be able to understand relationships with external groups such as suppliers and customers. Including IT architecture resources such as applications, systems and equipment allows for identifying impactful relationships and planning how IT can best support the business. Reuse enterprise elements across multiple models including best practice frameworks to guide development. Global reference models and regional variant modeling help enforce company-wide standardization.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

    Manage and understand risk affecting your business goals

    With structured, inter-related models, enable risk identification and analysis for effective management and risk mitigation. Using catalogs of risks and risk templates, set value limits for business activities to guide how stay within acceptable boundaries. Map your processes to business requirements and set rules to control the behavior of your business to make sure that all your compliance initiatives are being met. Technical, functional and financial requirement mapping also provide key information to drive process decisions.

  • Best Practice Frameworks

    Accelerate your Enterprise Modeling Efforts

    Quickly define enterprise models while ensuring alignment with industry standards and published enterprise frameworks. Gain consensus and help drive continuous improvement and transformation of processes.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Management

    Guarantee consistency and leverage the unique knowledge and skills of peers

    Capitalize on a central enterprise model that ensures consistency of how processes and supporting object relationships are represented in your process maps. iGrafx leverages the contributions to process excellence made by other process modelers and analysts to be shared, improved, added-upon, simulated or de-composed. Process optimization and improvement projects can leverage all available process information including process maps, analysis reports, spreadsheets and related documents.

  • Centralized Model Storage and Control

    Protect your process capital and achieve compliance

    Keep your models safe and accessible, meeting governance requirements while also making workflow more efficient. Access control ensures processes are modified or viewed only by those with appropriate rights. Versioning and audit trails maintain accurate document history. Finding process information and relevant supporting documentation is easy with hierarchical process navigation and powerful search and query features. Dynamic links from processes to supporting information maintain integrity. Integration with Microsoft® SharePoint expands process visibility to additional areas of your organization.

    Centralized Model Storage and Control
  • Team Collaboration

    Work together for improved efficiency

    Overcome silos in your business! Either through the modeling application or through a web portal, Process Experts collaborate on processes and reuse the process knowledge that has been built up over time. Teams can work on the same files at the same time. Process optimization and improvement projects can leverage all available process information and share content between files. With Web and mobile access, process consumers can annotate or comment on processes.

  • Process Transparency

    Communicate process across the enterprise

    People across the organization with a role in processes, either as experts, owners or performers of process, have a transparent view into the part they play and changes will affect them. Process knowledge stored in the central repository can be communicated to those with appropriate access rights in their preferred language, either through web browser or mobile device, and limited to approved versions only.

  • Intelligent Diagramming

    Maximize mapping productivity and minimize errors

    Nobody does diagramming like iGrafx. Creating and editing process maps, whether they use cross-functional Swimlanes® or BPMN 2.0, is made easy with out-of-the-box templates and lots of features to help create diagrams that communicate exactly what you want with minimal clicks. Automatic correct-by-construction and rules checking capabilities will ensure BPMN diagrams meet notation standards and help enforce process compliance. With simple drag and drop, create diagrams from reusable processes and activities and automatically create relationships to resources, describe support from automated systems and more.

    Intelligent Diagramming
  • Powerful Discrete Event Simulation

    Build your business case for change with “what-if analysis”

    By performing discrete event simulation using either Process or BPMN models, you get the opportunity to foresee the results of changes to your process that are impractical to test any other way. iGrafx simulation provides realistic, accurate results based on in-depth scenarios that can include real-life empirical data and custom distributions. Dynamic animation of simulation steps helps validate your models as they are being built, and enhances understanding of where bottlenecks are developing, as well as highlights simulation paths and results. Easily simulate full factorial experiments, risk-free with Design of Experiments and statistical fitting of real world data.

    Powerful Discrete Event Simulation