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Unlock the Potential of Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) enables companies to define, analyze and deploy business processes as competitive assets that lead directly to customer satisfaction and profitability. BPM provides a cycle of capabilities from process analysis, design, optimization and management to process execution and monitoring and back to analysis. To be fully effective, BPM must not be approached as an IT toolset but rather as an environment where a business-process-oriented view is the means of communicating business requirements throughout the organization.

The right tools for the right task

iGrafx offers a rich set of process design, analysis, optimization and management capabilities that together fulfill the needs of the three key process constituencies: the IT user’s needs for process modeling for implementation; the business analyst community’s needs for process modeling for optimization; and the continuous improvement initiative community’s needs for process methodology support. The solution effectively adapts to the specific user requirements based on the task at hand while providing a single platform for process improvement.

Liberate your processes: process independence

iGrafx is a set of solutions for Business Process Management that enables companies to define, improve and deploy business processes, while developing and maintaining their process knowledge and information separately from the execution environment. By managing processes independently, organizations can take a top-down approach to business that enables them to become more agile and drive IT-related development and change from the business’s perspective. To incorporate process implementation and automation, iGrafx seamlessly interfaces with leading process execution engines through BPMN 2.0, XPDL or the iGrafx XML interface.

BPM solutions hold the promise of bringing a process-centric approach to IT solutions. To approach BPM from a systems perspective misses the opportunity to drive the business with the process as the competitive advantage. iGrafx helps unlock the potential of BPM by providing a powerful means of creating process independence while bridging the gaps between the major organizational communities.

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