Join us every Wednesday for an expert-led demonstration of the world’s most comprehensive business process management solution: iGrafx Origins.

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iGrafx has a dedicated consulting team with a proven track record capable of helping you discover, streamline, and improve your business processes. Working on-site with your team, our consultants help create new processes or improve processes you already employ using our software and the latest, proven methodologies.

Companies find our consulting solutions are an excellent way for employees who have already been through our training courses to expand their process ideas, ask questions, and find new time saving solutions. These solutions can be as simple as customizing your software to include logos, palettes, templates, and tools, to the more complex such as re-engineering simulation projects.

Whether you are an existing iGrafx customer or have heard about our award- winning software and would like to see how it can improve what you do, our consultants match your projects and goals to solutions you can re-create and deploy throughout your company.

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