あらゆる業種のお客様が、iGrafx を使用して素晴らしい成果を上げています。ビジネス アナリスト、品質管理担当者など、プロセス・エクセレンスの達成を目指すユーザーの目標は、組織 に優れた価値を提供することです。iGrafx を使用する企業は、部門間、事業部間や関連企業などとの距離的な問題、成熟度レベルなどの境界を超えて組織のプロセスを理解することで、コスト とサイクル時間を大幅に削減し、無駄をなくし、ベスト プラクティスを実践しています。

下記のお客様事例では、組織がどのように iGrafx を使用して優れた結果を実現したかをご紹介します。


SAP Solution Manager と業務プロセスの連動
BPMN 2.0による業務の可視化
VMS バリューストリームマップ
FMEA ISO9004/TS16949


Manufacturing - Major Smart Phone Manufacturer

See how iGrafx helps a Major Smart Phone Manufacturer enable a process-oriented supply chain that drives forward impressive results, including reducing order cycle time by 60%.

Download Case Study

Automotive - Decoma

iGrafx Process for Six Sigma helps Decoma, a supplier to the automotive industry, identify inefficient business processes enabling increased production without the bottlenecks.

Download the Case Study

Consulting - Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard includes iGrafx for SAP as the Business Process Management application to complement its SAP implementation service methodology.

Download Case Study

Finance - Multinational Bank

See how management at a major multinational bank uses iGrafx Performance Central to measure actual process performance to drive forward impressive process improvement initiatives.

Download Case Study

Government - Aerospace Defense Contractor

Find out how iGrafx and 4aBetterBusiness help an international aerospace/defense contractor efficiently streamline disparate processes and effectively increase profits.

Download Case Study

Metals - Novelis

iGrafx helps Novelis predict production weaknesses and strengths, simulating real complexity and interactions that enable reduced production time, and increased cash flow.

Download Case Study

Telco - Colt Telecom Group

Colt has been providing data, voice, and managed services to enterprise customers and governments across Europe since 1993. For the first time ever, management and all 4,600 Colt staff can see and understand in detail how processes actually work from a customer's perspective.

Download Case Study




Asgard, a prominent Australian financial firm, finds the need to evolve into a process-oriented enterprise to manage rapid growth and retain knowledge.

Download Case Study

Piraeus Bank Egypt

When Piraeus Bank Egypt SAE (PBE) was founded in 1978 as the Alexandria Kuwait International Bank, its role was to serve the large number of Egyptian expatriates living in Kuwait. Since then, the bank has extended its remit and grown to be one of the Egyptian financial sector's best-known institutions. The implementation of iGrafx has allowed PBE to examine its business in extreme detail and carefully analyze internal processes across all operational units using standard graphical models.

Download Case Study


From its foundation in 1999, Xchanging has been an ambitious, fast growing and internationally focused company. Becoming a publicly listed (PLC) in only eight years, the company is now a FTSE 250 company employing more than 8,800 staff in Europe, the USA and Asia, and serving customers in 37 countries across the globe. A key tool in Xchanging’s approach to Process improvement is iGrafx FlowCharter.

Download Case Study


Hampshire Police

Hampshire Constabulary can trace its history back to 1832 and the formation of the Winchester City Police. More than 170 years later, the constabulary has around 4,000 officers operating from 47 stations and is responsible for policing a population of more than 1.8 million people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Hampshire Constabulary has an ethos of ensuring continuous improvement of its services and has adopted business process management to achieve its goal. To document the improvements, Hampshire Constabulary has deployed iGrafx FlowCharter and Process Central.

Download Case Study

Service Birmingham

To revolutionize the way Birmingham City Council delivers services to its citizens and visitors and achieve its objective to realize £1 Billion in operational efficiencies, iGrafx FlowCharter, IDEF0, and Process Central were selected to provide best practice tools and templates and develop a world class quality management framework while minimizing risk and reducing cost to the Council.

Download Case Study


Parkland Hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of "America's Best Hospitals." Its Six Sigma team chose the iGrafx software for its process improvement initiatives. It helped Parkland increase patient satisfaction while saving money. It enables sophisticated modeling and simulation and produces easy-to-read graphical results.

Download Case Study


Sloan Valve

Sloan Valve, a leading manufacturer of specialized plumbing supplies, effectively utilized iGrafx solutions to reduce costs and increase employee productivity, transforming themselves into a process-driven enterprise.

Download Case Study


ABB aligns disparate business processes using iGrafx Flowcharter and greatly streamlines operations as a result.

Download Case Study

Potton Homes

Potton Limited has been at the forefront of timber engineering for more than 40 years and is the UK's longest established timber frame manufacturer. It prides itself on its innovation and expertise in design, as well as its quality of manufacture. In order to ensure quality across the company and increase efficiency, Potton has deployed iGrafx FlowCharter.

Download Case Study


Barrick Gold Corporation

Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold mining company understands the importance of continuously improving their business operations and established a Business Performance Group to focus on business process improvement initiatives. In 2008, defining, standardizing and implementing business processes globally became a key corporate goal. iGrafx business process analysis and collaboration solutions enabled Barrick to achieve its goal and reap numerous compelling benefits.

Download Case Study

Major Steel Processor

Ron Proper, Senior Quality Engineer, promoted the adoption of Six Sigma as a process-improvement methodology at this major steel processor in the United States. Using iGrafx Process for Six Sigma, they were able to improve process efficiency and reduce costs through optimal application of Six Sigma principles and methodology.

Download Case Study

Metal Processing Company

Learn how iGrafx and 4aBetterBusiness help a multi-location Metal Processing Company to improve operations and productivity, through effective employee engagement.

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