iGrafx® Enterprise Central® is a server software solution that helps organizations be more productive in developing, documenting, communicating, and managing business information. Through its central repository, Enterprise Central stores, manages and distributes all relevant processes and related information. iGrafx Enterprise Central provides iGrafx Enterprise Modeling solutions with a platform for document control, lifecycle management, team collaboration and storage of reusable enterprise knowledge. This process knowledge is available for organization-wide communication leading to increased process transparency and understanding.

iGrafx Enterprise Central is a contributing tool for iGrafx solutions in:

  • Enterprise Knowledge Management

    Guarantee consistency and leverage the unique knowledge and skills of peers

    Capitalize on a central enterprise model that ensures consistency of how processes and supporting object relationships are represented in your process maps. iGrafx Enterprise Central leverages the contributions to process excellence made by other process modelers and analysts to be shared, improved, added-upon, simulated or de-composed. Process optimization and improvement projects can leverage all available process information including process maps, analysis reports, spreadsheets and related documents.

  • Centralized Model Storage and Control

    Protect the process capital that define your business

    Keep your models safe and accessible, meeting governance requirements while also making workflow more efficient. Access control ensures processes are modified or viewed only by those with appropriate rights. Versioning and audit trails maintain accurate document history. Finding process information and relevant supporting documentation is easy with hierarchical process navigation and powerful search and query features. Dynamic links from processes to supporting information maintain integrity. Integration with Microsoft® SharePoint expands process visibility to additional areas of your organization.

    Centralized Model Storage and Control
  • Team Collaboration

    Work together for improved efficiency

    Overcome silos in your business! Either through the modeling application or through a web portal, Process Experts collaborate on processes and reuse the process knowledge that has been built up over time. Teams can work on the same files at the same time. Process optimization and improvement projects can leverage all available process information and share content between files. With Web and mobile access, process consumers can annotate or comment on processes.

  • Process Transparency

    Communicate process across the enterprise

    People across the organization with a role in processes, either as experts, owners or performers of process, have a transparent view into the part they play and changes will affect them. Process knowledge stored in the central repository can be communicated to those with appropriate access rights in their preferred language, either through web browser or mobile device, and limited to approved versions only.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Streamline document workflow

    Managing process documents through multiple stages of maturity is important not only from a regulatory perspective, but also for a systematic approach to process development. Process models can progress from drafts to review stages through approval and sign-off with sophisticated capabilities for making sure the right people are informed and involved at the right stages.