Recorded Webinars

Process Automation = Big Benefits

Think process automation won't fit into your real world? We beg to differ, friend! Get ready to learn about the considerable benefits you will achieve by deploying and monitoring model-driven automated processes. Find out how you can realize quick turnarounds, save costs, and consolidate disparate toolsets by leveraging one go-to integration.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities for process automation
  • Get agile by employing rapid design and deployment
  • Create reliable, repeatable processes that reduce costs and lead times
  • Get insight into progress (or problems) with real-time process status monitoring
  • Leverage personalized dashboards to see performance trends and plan for the future

iGrafx Executive Webinar Series

Part 4: Using Performance Management to Drive Continuous Improvement

Without visibility into business, service and process performance, your chances of getting to your desired destination - continuous improvement - are slim to none. Let Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice show you how leveraging the right performance indicators can help you achieve business transformation at your organization.

What's covered:

  • Link performance objectives to relevant business goals
  • Define measurements for business, service, process and applications
  • Set up performance metrics
  • Improve decision making and reporting flow
  • Use controls and monitoring for continuous improvement

Part 3: Strategy to Execution - Aligning the Operating Model

The best, most solid strategic plan is worthless if not carried through to successful execution. Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice joins us to share how you can greatly improve the odds of successfully implementing your strategic plan. See how putting forth a disciplined process made up of connected activities will enable your organization to take that strategy and make it work.

Learn how to:

  • Map and define the Operating Model
  • Identify integration and/or standardization opportunities
  • Set up operational measurements and link them tactically and strategically
  • Control operational activities within Process Modeling
  • Use people distribution techniques and IT solutions to improve operations
  • Use policies and guidelines to ensure compliance and governance

Part 2: Achieving Cost Reduction through Business Transformation

Join iGrafx and our special guest, Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice, and learn what REALLY works for companies seeking cost-cutting through specific process optimization.

Covered in this session:

  • Case studies of cost-reduction; what works and what doesn't
  • Cost saving strategies and critical success factors, and how to relate them to specific business areas and processes
  • How to identify opportunities for cost-reduction by identifying duplication of business functions/tasks, resources and services through a process view
  • How to monitor success of cost-reduction measures in real-time through dashboards & cockpits (KPI's and PPI's)

Part 1: Enabling Business Innovation & Transformation

In this 60+ minute webinar, special guest Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice, shows how organizations today have no choice but to be innovative with their new products and services, while transforming existing offerings to become and remain competitive. See for yourself how a mix of best and leading practice processes can be used to achieve standardization, integration, and cost cutting, while still developing core competitiveness and differentiation.

What's covered:

  • Learn how an extended business modeling approach can enable the necessary change companies need today
  • Explore the difference between performance and value drivers and how and where to use them
  • Find out about iGrafx's Business and IT-enabled modeling principles to link strategy, business competencies and value
  • Discover how process efficiency, effectiveness and innovation can be realized in a matrix or siloed organization


Get Mature - How to Grow Your BPM Program

Organizations want to achieve process maturity, but it can sure feel like an impossible goal. If it seems like one step forward and a landslide back to you, don’t fret! Take a walk with us as we show a case scenario of how an organization moves through each phase of process maturity, and how iGrafx can help guide your way.

Covered in this session:

  • What is process maturity, really?
  • What role does BPM technology play in process maturity, and who are the actors involved?
  • How iGrafx solutions support organizations at any stage of process maturity
  • How iGrafx services assist organizations in assessing their process maturity and planning for advancement

Building and Sustaining a BPM Center of Excellence

In this 40 minute webinar, we cover the following:

  • Plan and execute a successful BPM rollout
  • Create and maintain BPM standards that will enhance adoption
  • Encourage accountability through dashboards and process transparency
  • Nurture the BPM culture through appropriate collaboration, training, and mentoring
  • Assess the maturity of a BPM program and make course corrections

Building an Environment to support Continuous Improvement

Mike Morris of iGrafx and Khaled Mabrouk of Sustainable Productivity Solutions present how to build an environment of continuous improvement (CI). This 50 minute webinar discusses both the methodology and technology sides of a continuous improvement environment.


Get Lean - Value Stream Mapping for Office and Service

In this 60+ minute presentation, our special guest Karen Martin of the Karen Martin Group will show how being lean isn’t just reserved for Manufacturing processes - information-intensive operations such as Service and Knowledge processes have the ability to be lean too.

What's covered:

  • The key differences between Manufacturing and Office/Service Value Stream Maps
  • The process of Value Stream Mapping in Office and Service environments
  • Common wastes in Office and Service environments and goals for future state planning
  • Digitally capturing, sharing, and storing Value Stream Maps

Value Stream Mapping, Minus the Paper Cuts

This 45 minute recorded event covers the following:

  • Quickly create a Value Stream Map (VSM)
  • Easily display and customize the timeline and work balancing graph for clear communication
  • Develop hierarchical or extended VSMs with "roll-up" of data
  • Quickly share a common child VSM to multiple parent VSMs
  • Collaborate and share VSMs in many different ways



In this 30 minute webinar, we cover:

    • Build a process architecture in a snap by leveraging existing diagrams
    • Model your enterprise quicker
    • Find information easier with improved navigation
    • Accelerate custom SAP® project creation from global templates

    • Collaborate on process from anywhere through mobile devices

    • Perform comparative analysis at a glance with multiple VSM timelines
    • Bring opportunities for improvement into focus with critical path analysis
    • Simulate BPMN Compensation for in-depth analysis

    • Communicate business and information flows in BPMN models with
       clarity and precision
    • Expand the visibility of processes with SharePoint integration


Analysis Paralysis? Try Simulation!

In this 45 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to setup a model to baseline an existing process
    • Define the scenario
    • Create attributes
    • Use historical data
    • See trace mode in action
  • How to do “What If”
    • Create multiple scenarios
    • Compare simulation results
  • How to present the simulation results
    • Create graphs
    • Use intelligent shapes for presentation eye-candy

Advanced Process Simulation with iGrafx

In this 60 minute Simulation session you will learn to:

  • Using generators to simulate a variety of arrival patterns
  • Reading data from spreadsheets into your models
  • Using attributes for complex decision logic
  • Matching resources to transactions based on resource attributes or skill level
  • Assigning disparate resources to a resource group that may be required for special circumstances
  • Logging transactions for more detailed process analysis

There is also valuable Q & A following the presentation portion of the webinar.


Process Mapping and Modeling with iGrafx

In this 50 minute webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Quickly and easily create an iGrafx process map
  • Visualize process responsibility with departments/swimlanes
  • Take advantage of smart decision shapes
  • Capture additional process information, for example: shape notes, links to other documents, sub-processes, costs, duration time, custom information
  • Easily indicate value class and non-value added activities
  • Share iGrafx process maps with your peers with various publishing options


Process Centric SAP, Migraine-Free!

This 50 minute recorded event will cover the following:

  • Why managing your SAP implementation from a Business Process perspective can help you get the most out of your investment
  • How iGrafx for SAP enables process centric SAP projects, with no extra complexity to hurt and hinder
  • Why iGrafx for SAP is hands down the most full-featured, easy to use business process analysis tool available
  • How iGrafx helps organizations to fully document and understand the alignment of SAP processes to the business, gaps and all, and be armed with the right insight and knowledge to dramatically improve process automation