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Press Release

iGrafx optimises processes at Munich Airport

Holistic analysis of business processes will lead to significant quality improvement

Munich Airport, with its high quality standards, positions itself successfully in the market thanks to ongoing process optimisation. The airport is now utilising software from iGrafx, a Business Process Management solutions provider, to document its business processes and analyse holistic company models.

The airport is one of the largest airline hubs in Europe with nearly 40 million passengers and around 100 airlines. The airport site is also the largest employer in the region with approximately 30,000 employees. Ensuring smooth, service-oriented passenger handling processes is just one of many challenges facing the airport. Their primary objective is to ensure stable service quality as well as value-adding processes for customers within the scope of quality management. The efficiency of the processes and the effectiveness of the quality management system should not only be maintained, but also increased. This makes a holistic understanding of business processes indispensable: bottlenecks within the processes need to be identified and improvement possibilities found as quickly as possible. 

In order to promote these initiatives within the area of quality assurance, Munich Airport decided to implement iGrafx Enterprise Modeler, iGrafx Process Central and iGrafx FlowCharter and thus replaced the software of another BPM vendor. Leveraging iGrafx capabilities, the efficiency of all processes can be increased significantly, thereby improving business outcomes. For example, impact and gap analysis capabilities provide the airport with a better understanding of how people and processes affect the workflows and relationships with external stakeholders. The central repository of a server-based solution, iGrafx Process Central, allows the airport to save, communicate and manage information on all process initiatives in a centralised manner. Process implementation is handled exclusively using the workflow engine of T!M Solutions GmbH. iGrafx’s seamless integration with T!M enables any changes to how business processes are executed in a particularly fast and flexible manner.

“With the help of iGrafx, comprehensive synergies and thus potential savings within the company can be identified and exploited“, says Christian Stoschek, Head of Quality and Project Management at Munich Airport. “This allows us to significantly improve company performance, increase the efficiency of the airport and prepare it for handling competitive challenges in the future.“ Armin Trautner, Managing Director EMEA at iGrafx: “Our common goal is clear: increased process efficiency and process transparency throughout the company in order to support Munich Airport on its journey towards positioning itself globally as a 5-star airport.“


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