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Press Release

Whitepaper: Transforming Banking Business Architecture – in 4 steps!

A suggested approach of how to manage the implementation of the UK Banking Reform Act through business architecture transformation


iGrafx, a leading provider of process management and analysis solutions, has announced the availability of its new whitepaper “Transforming UK Banking Business Architecture”. It explores a major challenge facing UK banks who have to respond by 2019 to new requirements created in the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act.

The whitepaper explains why these requirements have come about and what it means for the bank’s future, presenting the outcome that this legislation compels them to restructure their operations to isolate personal and business banking from the risks of investment activities. David Winders, author of the whitepaper and Senior Consultant of iGrafx, puts forward a methodology of how to approach this substantial task through modelling the current state and separating out the components into separate future operations, including a discussion on the use of shared services as a way of reducing the cost of this reorganisation.

“The whitepaper gives emphasis to communication to both internal and external stakeholders and stresses the importance of providing traceability of compliance through the mapping of compliance requirements, risks and measures,” said David Winders. That way compliance can be clearly demonstrated on an ongoing basis.

Although specifically written around the consequence of this new banking regulation the whitepaper has much to offer the management of regulation and compliance as a whole.

Free download of the complete whitepaper here.

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