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New iGrafx Update 15.1 provides ability to navigate enterprise models via a Role-Based Web Portal

iGrafx, a leading provider of Business Process Management and Analysis solutions, announces the release of iGrafx version 15.1, an update to iGrafx 2013. This update introduces a Role-Based Web Portal that allows for focused and efficient navigation of the iGrafx repository.

In concert with iGrafx Process Central’s Web Central component, which provides enterprise-wide web access to process and enterprise model repositories, the Role-Based Web Portal allows employees to easily see exactly which processes they are involved in and how those activities fit into the larger business landscape. 

The Role-Based Web Portal gives users relevant role-specific views of processes and related business information such as dependent systems, business goals, measurements, and risks and controls.  In addition, transformation projects are accelerated by the ability to quickly view what specific resources are responsible or accountable for, and who needs to be consulted or informed. 

Role-Based View:

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