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SURVEY - Risk Management and Business Process Management

The ability to manage business risk is crucial for UK businesses today, particularly in light of the various challenges faced, from reducing costs and boosting efficiency through to meeting data compliance duties and customer expectations. The upcoming introduction of GDPR presents its own unique challenges and there are universal concerns as to what percentage of organisations will actually be fully prepared for its roll out in May 2018. It is crucial that risk management is considered by organisations as part of the core plan to prepare for GDPR from the individual’s aspect but is this really the case? Read more in our survey report!

Risk Management and Business Process Management

Enabling Business Innovation and Transformation

In today’s business climate, it’s nothing short of critical for an organization to be ready and capable of adapting to changing times to ensure survival. The burning question is just how does a company go about creating an environment that fosters needed transformation to meet the market standard and enables innovation so a competitive edge can be achieved?

Enabling Business Innovation and Transformation | Download PDF

Business Process Management – What is it?

To understand why Business Process Management (BPM) is important to any business, you first have to understand what it is. This is not as easy as one might expect, since BPM means different things to different people.

Why Business Process Management? | Download PDF

Process management & compliance – not just an end in itself

The implementation and documentation of new processes can cost nerves, time and money. With consistent process management you can minimize errors, meet compliance guidelines and more. Whether compliance initiatives or process modelling - here you can read how you can make such a project a success.

10 Tips for Successful Process Modeling

What Ed Says

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SAP and You: The Journey Towards Process Excellence

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Process Optimization and ERP Systems: how to navigate around the storm | Download PDF