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A Look Back at iGrafx iNNOVATE 2019


The last week of April we hosted our first annual iGrafx iNNOVATE conference in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of the event was to engage a community of analysts, industry experts and like-minded individuals to explore the transformation and automation trends that are shaping and disrupting every industry. And we are very excited to say, the event was a great success!

We kicked off the event with our keynote speaker, Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester. His presentation explained how process is the lifeblood of digital transformation. And why the challenge is to identify and plot the path that will best serve your organization and customers. He covered the vital connection between process automation and customer journey and identifying the critical role of process discovery and documentation to drive success.  All through the telling of a story about his recent experience with Tesla service department!

In another session, Scott Francis, CEO of BP3 Global, and NCH, a major chemical manufacturer, discussed their experience with automation.  NCH knew that automation was a way to move the needle in their business but needed to determine how to get started. Together they presented a great case study so that our audience could learn from NCH’s journey to automation.

It was also a very exciting moment when iGrafx CTO, Ed Maddock, revealed our newest solution, the RPA Accelerator. For the first time, Center of Excellence leaders can access the combined, best-of-breed capabilities from a single source for a single price. It’s the industry’s first end-to-end RPA Accelerator solution, enabling enterprises to identify, assess, prioritize, execute and govern robotic process automation (RPA) projects.  He also overviewed the challenges faced by Center of Excellence professionals, and then explained how to capitalize on these incredible opportunities.

There were so many great sessions during our two days in Dallas, from Ian Hawkins, Editor at PEX Network, explaining the 3 habits you need to adopt to make innovation inevitable (fail, think small, and play), to Kelly Sewczwicz, Sr. Manager Process Management at Cox Communications explaining how they relate their customer journey to their business architecture.

Attendees also heard from our leading-edge technology and services partners UI Path, ServiceTrace, MyInvenio, BP-3 and LEAN-BPM. And they had the opportunity to take a peek into the iGrafx product roadmap, as Mark Bednarski, VP of Product, walked them through what lies ahead for iGrafx. 

It was an outstanding event and we’d like to thank everyone for spending time with us in Dallas this year at iNNOVATE 2019. We thank you for bringing your expertise to our event. It was a great to bring everyone together in a forum that fostered experiences and dialogue to help our attendees get and stay ahead of their goals. We hope to see you all next year!

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