Why is iGrafx the Best BPM Platform?

Process Modeling and Simulation

Never before has it been possible to create target processes so imaginatively. iGrafx simulation scenarios cover all components in terms of cost, time, effort and resources and are able to map even the most complex statistical conditions.

With iGrafx, you gain:

  • Integrated interfaces ensuring that data from a workflow engine can be used directly for a simulation
  • Comprehensive event simulation providing real images of the executed process

Risk Identification

Risk management should be workflow-based, because only tailor-made workflows enable sustainable risk identification. In addition to risk management, the Risk and Opportunity Process Excellence (ROPE) solution helps implement a system not only company-wide, but also workflow-based and sustainable.

With iGrafx, you gain:

  • Direct identification of risks in processes and automatic transfers to the iGrafx repository
  • Risk matrices which highlight risks identified in the workflow and correlate their relationship to processes and objects
  • Comprehensive risk reporting with gap analyses


Scalability is a core requirement and one of the classic quality features in the selection and creation of sustainable software systems. Benefit from the scalable iGrafx platform for secure and complex IT environments and audit-proof management of diagrams and documents.

With iGrafx, you gain:

  • A user count of more than six digits without sacrificing performance
  • No hidden extra costs for uploading exceptionally high volumes of data
  • Holistic and audit-proof archiving of even large documents on only one platform and without media breaks

Customization and Support

Work independently and intuitively on simple and fast creation as well as in the administration of repository documents, with US and EMEA-based service experts to support you as needed along your maturity path. The iGrafx repository gives you the ability to store documents and reports at a central location to initiate collaborative process improvement initiatives.

With iGrafx, you gain:

  • Individual creation and flexible adaptation of reports in the iGrafx repository
  • Intuitive creation and management of documents and easy evaluation of content
  • Hands-on expertise and strategic guidance from live support experts


Boost data security, ensure compliance and effectively scale operations. iGrafx provides you with a centralized platform that enables you to gain the visibility needed to continuously meet compliance and regulatory requirements while reducing overall security risks.

With iGrafx, you gain:

  • Optimized performance speed through locally (in country) hosted servers
  • Full isolation of data per tenant so you are not forced to share a server and bandwidth with others
  • A solution that streamlines global compliance operations and is SOC-2 compliant


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