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#bestbpmplatform: Head in the Clouds


In my role as product leader at iGrafx, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the most regulatorily complex and security conscious enterprises in the world.  My team is the one that receives the 100+ questions RFIs and I regularly fly around the world to meet with security teams.  And very often the questions I face are around where our SaaS solution is hosted, and how it is architected.

It’s important to note that I actually enjoy these conversations, because I am a big advocate of SaaS – when it is done correctly.  And based on these statistics, so are most enterprises.  According to Forbes, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, and 94% of enterprises are already using cloud for some portions of their business.

However, not all cloud solutions are created equally, and from a security perspective, many alternatives leave quite a bit to be desired.  The iGrafx cloud platform was been designed from the outset to adhere to the most stringent security requirements.  For starters, we chose Microsoft Azure as our hyperscale cloud provider, because they are in more regions than alternatives offered by other providers (54 regions in 140 countries), and they employ incredibly stringent standards for: network infrastructure, hardware & firmware and testing & monitoring.  Additionally, they offer the broadest set of compliance certifications, with more than 90 available right out of the box, including a range of ISO, SOC, U.S. government, country specific and industry specific certifications and attestations.

At iGrafx we’ve built upon this foundation to offer the most secure business transformation platform in the industry.  Here are some notable examples:

  • As a global provider, we have enterprise-scale customers who are very conscious of hosting in specific geographical regions due to government regulations. Germany and Japan are great examples.  We also work with large, multi-national organizations that must balance hosting in regions across the globe.
  • We recognize the importance of allowing customers to start small and grow. So, when business units change locations, the customer can relocate the services around the globe with dozens of datacenters all certified to the highest standards.
  • As part of our standard cloud offering, we can provide whatever level of disaster recovery and global redundancy is required by any individual customer
  • We have the ability to offer custom environments suitable with the medical and pharmaceutical Computerized System Validation
  • Our architecture offers full isolation of data per tenant so our clients aren’t forced to share a server and bandwidth with others
  • We understand the importance of certification.  We take very seriously that iGrafx and our vendors have the full chain of certifications, from SOC2 to ISO27001

Bottom line, no enterprise or SaaS vendor can afford to have their head in the clouds when it comes to data security.  Data privacy took center stage in May 2018 with GDPR, and the focus will only intensify.  Here’s a fun infographic that illustrates how iGrafx stacks up with “the other guy” from a security perspective, as well as four other important areas.

Also, you can download our latest article to learn the 5 Must-Haves of a BPM Platform for Growth & Digital Transformation.

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