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Process Improvement Posts

3 Key Questions Answered by Dr. Thomas Starke, Managing Director at Dr. Starke Management Systems

Are standards requirements also reflected in processes? Sure, they are. But how important is planning process management for auditors and process managers? We will address this question in our brief interview with Dr. Thomas Starke, Audit Expert and Managing Director at Dr. Starke Management Systems.…

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Munich Airport: Process Goals Come From Corporate Strategy

According to a recent survey by PwC’s strategy consultancy, just under a third (32 percent) of German companies have a clearly defined strategy and 19 percent say they have no strategy at all. Does that surprise you? Furthermore, the majority of German managers are not convinced their corporate strategy…

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Breaking the Complex Down to Simple – Process Decomposition

In my last article we discussed the importance of: Understanding your Organizational setup Defining Clear Terminology Educating the Organization on those terms Defining a Common Method or Approach Now, let’s take a look at one approach to breaking down a process. I personally like to use the Functional…

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Breaking the Complex Down to Simple

When you study martial arts there are many precise movements that work together to produce a powerful motion to protect one’s self. In order to understand that powerful motion you must first understand the parts the motion is made up of. There are many different punches, strikes, kicks, angles,…

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Continuous Improvement – Easy to Say, but Execution is KEY!!!

Written by Guest Blogger, Paula Bell, CEO at Paula A Bell Consulting. The last 2 weeks of the year I take time off to relax and unwind. I call this my mental health break. I work extremely hard during the year, and I need to take some time to work and focus on me. I review the goals defined for the…

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