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What Ed Says Posts

Aligning Resources to Address the Risk Behind the Curtain

As companies go down the path of working on identifying and managing risks within their organizations, it’s hugely important to take the opportunity to make critical resource allocation decisions based on what is uncovered to mitigate that risk.

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The Visible Model

Process Models, an integral part of an enterprise model, are much more than just maps or diagrams.  They have multiple dimensions - the more complex the model, the more dimensions it has and the more it touches key parts of the business.

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Process for the Sake of Process = Failure

For an organization to meet short and long-term goals, you need to have clear objectives that are embraced to put real business process improvement into play. Find out how to reap the rewards!

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Process Improvement Done Right -- No More "Whack-a-Mole"

If you’re not using process analysis and performance monitoring to support your process improvement Initiatives, keep your mallet at the ready - you’ll think you’ve got one inefficiency down, and two more will pop up somewhere else. In order to know which improvements to truly go after, it’s critical…

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Make Process Modeling the Focal Point of Business Innovation & Transformation

We all know the critical role process modeling has in business innovation and transformation, but for it to be successful, it has to include a much wider community and link all interrelated objects.

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