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UI Designer – Tualatin, Oregon

Job Description


The User Interface Designer will be responsible for creating an attractive user interface experience. The position will support the definition of functional and non-functional product requirements by providing meaningful wireframe mockups and high-res visual artifacts of the user interface. You will work closely with Product Managers during the planning and implementation phase helping the developers to implement features customers love.

Our Core Values

At iGrafx, we believe in our people and what they represent. To that end, we are looking for like-minded individuals on a mission greater than bottom line results. We want people who are interested in making a difference in a small and growing organization.

If our core values  resonate with you, this might just be the place for you.

Strategic Value of Role

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words; help strategic and tactical product decisions by providing visual aid during the ideation and productization process.
  2. Improving the UI attractiveness, effectiveness and consistency in a strong team of Product Managers and Developers.

What makes a great UI Designer at iGrafx?

  • UI Focus:  Owning the user interface; you are comfortable with feature rich applications designed for medium to large enterprises. You like to organize complex features into an understandable, attractive and modern UI.
  • Empower:  Help product managers to write compelling user stories. Help engineers build a comprehensive understanding of the feature’s value propositions. Help executives understand the customer and user needs.
  • Execution: Make decisive UI recommendations and provide alternatives and guidance. Focusing on the conceptual aspects, find the right balance between wireframes and hi-res mockups.
  • Motivation: Exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, enjoying a dynamic and growing work environment, and thriving in working with people to provide world-class business process management solutions.
  • Fail Fast: Be able to let go of ideas if they don’t find acceptance. Accept that a decision not to do something is equally as important as a decision to do something.
  • Convert Strategy to Tactics:  Prioritize your work by importance and demonstrate ownership. Understand and support the product strategy and roadmap internally and externally.
  • Provocative Thinking:  Stimulate alternative ideas from the norm; challenge the status quo; bring ideas that are new to interactions; drive an actionable response by painting a picture of what makes our users successful; decompose macro level customer problems into tactical actions; challenge legacy ideals.
  • Tenacity: Establish a reputation for being tenacious; think creatively to avoid obstacles; overcome adversity; manage goals relentlessly.

Career Path

  • Growing organization with increasing needs for great talent.
  • Exposure to peer functional leaders.
  • Opportunity to solve customer challenges and transform them into business value for iGrafx.

Why consider this role?

  • Contribute as a designer of a world-class enterprise software company.
  • Global enterprise software with customers all around the world with focus on North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Private equity-backed organization.
  • Work with highly motivated Sales, Product, and Operations teams to deliver high quality solutions to customers.


  • Create UI concepts, designs, materials and artifacts as needed to support product development lifecycle.
  • Create UI implementation artifacts which become part of the shipped UI.
  • Frequently refine mockups and visual artifacts based on feedback.
  • Produce high level mockups to support roadmap decisions.
  • Understand the user and stakeholder expectations of an adequate and modern UI and represent their expectations through each software development lifecycle.
  • Advocate for a good user interface. Collect data, speak to and collaborate with customers, users and internal stakeholders.
  • Support Product Management presentations, helping with visual artifacts and design guidance.
  • Frequently re-prioritize work based on stakeholder feedback, market changes, business priority and available resources.
  • Collaborate closely with the engineering and quality teams during sprints, validate UI decisions made by Product Management or Engineering.
  • Make timely decisions on execution details and take action as part of the Sprint team.
  • Actively participate in all required Scrum meetings like daily stand-ups, sprint planning, backlog grooming, retrospectives.


    • 2 years’ experience working in an agile software development team. 1 years working in a UI Designer role, or 2 years as web designer, graphic designer or front-end developer.
    • Demonstrate wireframe and mockup experience with the ability to provide alternative solutions.
    • Killer communication skills, limitless spirit, well organized, highly self-motivated, and a clear communicator no matter the circumstances.
    • Proven ability to create detailed, thoughtful and actionable UI requirements.
    • A desire to work in an environment where priorities change as we learn.
    • Not hesitant to get hands dirty and do whatever is necessary to ensure success.
    • Proficient Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills.
    • Survive in a Windows based world, be flexible with your choice of web browser you target and device types. We deal with corporate clients not individual consumers

About iGrafx

How did iGrafx get to be an industry-leading provider of the most powerful suite of business process management and improvement solutions in the market?

In the beginning (circa 1991), Ken Carraher and Ed Maddock launched a start-up, AdvanEdge Technologies. Right out of Ken’s very own dining room, they worked together focusing on advanced process management solutions. Good friends with great ideas, Ken and Ed weren’t shy about expressing their opinions with each other (or anyone else within shouting distance) and digging in their heels for what they deemed crucial to turning out best-in-class products. Usually coming to the same conclusion, the result of such discussions lead to notable advancements in the BPM space, such as Optima!, the world’s first interactive graphical business process simulation tool.

Things were cooking now – fresh on the heels of an office expansion into the living room, a company called Micrografx came knocking with a lot to offer: A nifty, hot selling diagramming tool called FlowCharter, some knowledgeable folks with great experience in the space, and a sheer force in the marketplace, Armin Trautner, that could help spread the vision around the world.

Fast forward to 1999 and the iGrafx brand was born. Blending the great technology from Optima! with FlowCharter, the team produced the cutting-edge modeling product iGrafx FlowCharter and the next generation of process analysis and improvement, iGrafx Process.

A couple of mergers and a corporate spin-out later, the iGrafx team with their partners Lone Rock Technology Group are in the best position ever to help businesses by giving them the tools necessary to enable broad business process improvement initiatives and effective business process management capabilities within their organization.

Throughout our comprehensive suite of products and service offerings today that the iGrafx team hasn’t changed. We care about what we do, and continue to have a great passion for delivering the very best to our customers, helping them on their way to achieving process excellence.

Please send your resume with a cover letter to:


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