Case Studies

Case Study

Automotive supplier puts European business processes back on track with iGrafx

Since its ISO 9001 certification in 1998, DENSO Automotive GmbH from Eching has been one of the main players in the German au...
Case Study

A simple and seamless transition from Legacy Software to the Enterprise Cloud

Andrew Pfeiffer, manager of the BPM Center of Excellence at Cox Communication, reflects on the migration process to the iGraf...
Case Study

Heading towards Industry 4.0 with iGrafx

Optics Balzers, the high-quality optical component specialist, takes a big step towards Industry 4.0 by making its processes ...
Case Study

On the digitalization way with iGrafx BPM solutions

After working with iGrafx, Sparda-Bank Hamburg has total transparency about it's processes with the help of iGrafx....
Case Study

Mehr Transparenz in Geschäftsprozessen

VIDEO - Wie kann BPM zu einer besseren Unternehmens-Performance beitragen? Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie der Münchener Flu...
Case Study

Auf dem Digitalisierungsweg mit BPM-Lösungen von iGrafx

VIDEO - Der Digitalisierungsfahrplan der Sparda-Bank Hamburg sieht vor, Prozesse zunächst zu erheben und messbar zu machen, ...
Case Study

Prozessoptimierung mit Hilfe einer Prozesslandkarte

VIDEO - Diese Case Study zeigt, wie das Unternehmen der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe seine Prozesse mit Hilfe einer Prozesslandkar...
Case Study

More transparency in business processes

Already rated the third best airport in the world, award-winning Munich Airport isn’t going to stop there. With eyes on bec...
Case Study

Process optimization with the help of a process map

Through a process map Real I.S.  is not only able to reliably meet regulatory compliance requirements, but also identify pot...

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Case Study

Raising Process Performance Standards for Financial Services Industry

iGrafx helps drive understanding of processes at Xchanging The Story From its foundation in 1999, Xchanging has been an amb...
Case Study

Using Simulation to Help Identify Inefficiencies

Parkland Memorial Hospital cuts costs dramatically and increases revenue by utilizing Design of Experiments The Story A compo...
Case Study

Prominent Australian financial firm focuses on process orientation to embrace rapidly growing operations

Improved Throughput and Quality Facilitates Rapid Growth The Story For nearly a quarter of a century, Asgard has managed hund...
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