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About Us

As a world leader in digital business transformation, at iGrafx we believe that process is the center of everything you do. Since 1991 we have helped more than 10,000 customers successfully execute their most critical strategic initiatives. Today, with a focus on the global 2000, iGrafx currently serves 2/3 of the Fortune 100. Whatever the form of transformation, from customer journeys to corporate compliance to automating business processes, iGrafx ensures that goals are prioritized and executed, and ROI is achieved.

Always at the forefront…

iGrafx has always been a leader in the ever-evolving business process management industry and has contributed continuously along the way. iGrafx created the industry’s first Window’s-based process diagramming tool, the world’s first interactive graphical business process simulation tool, and trademarked the term “swim lane,” which has become the de facto way to represent and describe roles within process flows. We assisted in the creation of the BPMN standard. iGrafx also released the first process collaboration platform complete with business architecture modeling, and the industry’s first end-to-end RPA Acceleration Package.

Today, with offices around the world, and active distribution in more than 20 countries, we have never veered from our singular focus: to turn customer processes into valuable assets! This enables us to provide our employees with opportunities for experiences and recognition, and ROI-proven business transformation at scale for our customers. Our success in these areas show in both employee and customer satisfaction and longevity.

At iGrafx, the future is bright! How can we help you?