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Technical Support Specialist

Job Description


The Technical Support Specialist will focus on triaging support tickets and either escalating those tickets or handling them if they are a Level 1 type of ticket (typically licensing, evaluations, desktop installations, and iGrafx functional use type of tickets). This requires direct communication with clients if warranted, the iGrafx Sales/Marketing Teams, and the Level 2 Support/Development Teams. This is a full-time position reporting to the Technical Customer Success Manager.

Our Core Values

At iGrafx, we believe in our people and what they represent. To that end, we are looking for like-minded individuals on a mission greater than bottom line results. We want people who are interested in making a difference in a small and growing organization.

If our core values (located here) resonate with you, this might just be the place for you.

The Responsibilities

The role of the Technical Support Specialist will include:

  • Monitor the support ticket system for tickets and triage them appropriately for direct Level 1 action or escalation to Level 2
  • Monitor the support mailbox for actionable items related to support or evaluations and direct those inquiries as appropriate
  • Assist in the improvement of the support and ticketing process

What makes a great Technical Support Specialist at iGrafx?

  • Detail-Oriented:  Can handle multiple challenging tasks at once. Completing tasks with high quality and on time. 
  • Analytical Skills: Can work with clients and interpret their needs to bring their inquiry to a successful close .
  • Team Player: Engendering a sense of unity among peers; displaying selflessness in who takes credit for accomplishments; using words of affirmation; building alliances within company and customer organizations; proactively sharing best practices with co-workers; participating in team-building and team motivating activities; contributing to a keen sense of camaraderie from among support and other iGrafx staff.
  • Resourcefulness: Demonstrating resourcefulness when faced with challenges that defy easy solution; utilizing internal and external resources to resolve issues for clients when faced with complex issues.
  • Fire in the Belly:  Exhibiting passionate intensity in work life; describing job, role, work and company to others; translating to customers an infectious enthusiasm for the solution/product; leaving impression in language, tone and behavior; exhibiting high spirits in situations where others are downcast or negative.
  • Assertiveness: Creating a need in themselves and others to be more proactive; uncovering and exploiting openings in areas of opportunity; possessing strong opinions with merit that others can identify with
  • Execution: Sticking to a plan; demonstrating performance over time; not being distracted by noise and friction; establishing a reputation for being tenacious; thinking creatively to avoid obstacles; overcoming adversity; managing goals relentlessly; demonstrating business acumen; understanding essentials of success.
  • Career Growth: Desires career advancement via merit-based performance; is interested in learning multiple facets of a business to set the appropriate course for advancement; desire to constantly learn and evolve.

Required Qualifications

  • High Emotional IQ
  • Strong sense of ownership
  • High technical adaptability
  • Strong communication abilities in both written and verbal

Preferred Skillsets

  • Entry Level SQL Query building
  • Entry Level VB/VBA
  • Entry Level Active Directory/LDAP
  • Entry Level process diagramming


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred in business or technical fields, but other areas considered.

Career Path

  • Growing organization with increasing needs for extraordinary talent
  • Potential to move into professional services, development, sales, or other areas of the business
  • Exposure to peer functional leaders as well as exec team members
  • Opportunity to solve complex problems with major cost and growth implications for the organization

Why consider this role?

  • Work in a small business where you can make a difference every day
  • A rare opportunity to work in a client facing cross-functional interacting role that can lead to several paths for roles in your career
  • Global enterprise software with customers in N. America, Europe and Asia-Pacific
  • Work with the world’s best logos and brands (banks, insurance, telecom, healthcare, etc.)
  • Private equity-backed organization
  • We “say no to politics” at iGrafx
  • We have core values and we live by them
  • Work with highly engaged teammates with over 4 centuries of expertise in helping customers solve complex business problems
  • Be part of a team collectively working towards the common goal of creating shareholder value
  • We’re in Austin, Portland and Munich. Who doesn’t want to work and visit these cities?

About iGrafx

How did iGrafx get to be an industry-leading provider of the most powerful suite of business process management and improvement solutions in the market?

In the beginning (circa 1991), Ken Carraher and Ed Maddock launched a start-up, AdvanEdge Technologies. Right out of Ken’s very own dining room, they worked together focusing on advanced process management solutions. Good friends with great ideas, Ken and Ed weren’t shy about expressing their opinions with each other (or anyone else within shouting distance) and digging in their heels for what they deemed crucial to turning out best-in-class products. Usually coming to the same conclusion, the result of such discussions lead to notable advancements in the BPM space, such as Optima!, the world’s first interactive graphical business process simulation tool.

Things were cooking now - fresh on the heels of an office expansion into the living room, a company called Micrografx came knocking with a lot to offer: A nifty, hot selling diagramming tool called FlowCharter, some knowledgeable folks with great experience in the space, and a sheer force in the marketplace, Armin Trautner, that could help spread the vision around the world.

Fast forward to 1999 and the iGrafx brand was born. Blending the great technology from Optima! with FlowCharter, the team produced the cutting-edge modeling product iGrafx FlowCharter and the next generation of process analysis and improvement, iGrafx Process.

A couple of mergers and a corporate spin-out later, the iGrafx team with their partners Lone Rock Technology Group are in the best position ever to help businesses by giving them the tools necessary to enable broad business process improvement initiatives and effective business process management capabilities within their organization.

Throughout our comprehensive suite of products and service offerings today that the iGrafx team hasn’t changed. We care about what we do, and continue to have a great passion for delivering the very best to our customers, helping them on their way to achieving process excellence.

Please send your resume with a cover letter to: