iGrafx® announces the release of updated PCF Accelerator for Enterprise Modeling

iGrafx®, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced today the general release of the updated version of iGrafx PCF Accelerator for Enterprise Modeling, providing enterprise business architects with a framework of operating and management processes for use in the iGrafx for Enterprise Modeling solution. This updated version incorporates APQC’s version 6.0.0 of the cross-industry Process Classification Framework℠, released July 31, 2012.

APQC’s PCF was created in 1992 by business leaders and process management experts to provide a classification of common processes practiced by most organizations. The PCF version 6.0.0 reorganizes risk management, compliance and resiliency activities into an enterprise-level view, and expands sections focused on business capabilities such as quality management, process improvement, knowledge management and benchmarking.

“APQC’s latest version of the Process Classification Framework acknowledges risk management and business capability processes as first class citizens, which is great fit with the iGrafx approach to modeling the enterprise,” commented Gretchen Burthey, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, iGrafx. “By providing our customers with one of the most well-known process frameworks, they get a jump start on organizing their enterprise process architecture. Companies are then well poised to align their operational processes, as well as supporting technology and resources, with corporate strategies and goals to address compliance, risk management and process improvement initiatives.”

The iGrafx PCF Accelerator provides the PCF framework of processes and activities for organizations to use as a reference against which to benchmark their operations and focus process improvement on key areas of competitive differentiation. iGrafx’s newest version also provides users with an operational process structure based on the PCF that businesses can use as an example for how to model their own operations and use as a basis for gap and compliance analysis.

“Our cross-industry process framework helps organizations come together around a common language for business processes,” commented John Tesmer, Senior Program Manager, Open Standards Benchmarking, APQC. “By encouraging businesses to use the framework to help in the definition and organization of their operational processes, as well as by providing a modeling environment and methodology that allows businesses to align to and measure against a global standard, iGrafx supports our endeavor to ensure that organizations worldwide have the processes in place to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. ”

About APQC

APQC is a member-based nonprofit and one of the world’s leading proponents of knowledge management, benchmarking, and best practices business research. Working with more than 750 organizations worldwide in all industries, APQC provides organizations with the information they need to work smarter, faster, and with confidence. Visit www.apqc.org or call +1.713.681.4020 and learn how to Make Best Practices Your Practices℠

About iGrafx

iGrafx is an industry-leading provider of Business Process Management solutions, helping organizations deliver process excellence in a controlled, centralized and collaborative manner across functional boundaries, geographies and levels of maturity. iGrafx effectively links the three major process constituencies: IT, Business Analysis and Process Initiatives for measurable productivity improvements, resulting in increased return on investment. iGrafx is fully committed to providing innovations that support the current and future needs of our customers. For more information, please visit www.igrafx.com.

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