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This workshop supplies you with the skills and knowledge to make iGrafx Process Central work for you and your organization. This workshop introduces use of a Process Central repository with iGrafx graphical client tools such as FlowCharter. It is typically delivered in conjunction with a workshop regarding an iGrafx graphical client tool.

The course material is divided into topics of discussion. During the lecture/discussion portion of each topic, students replicate the instructor's examples on their own computers.

Duration: ½ (0.5) day

Course Outline

Topic 1: Introduction to iGrafx

The iGrafx solution, including common windowing, toolbars, Help system, and other features are introduced.

Topic 2: Process Central

A process central repository enables team collaboration and provides functionality that enables individuals to publish, review and manage process and related information applicable to your organization. This topic covers logging into a repository, adding content, the check-out/check-in process, searching, cycle management, user rights, and more. Web Central and Mail Central functionality are also covered.

Topic 3: Enterprise Data

For those customers with Enterprise Central (or Process for Enterprise Modeling, Enterprise Modeler, and Process Central), this topic covers how Enterprise Data is available and may be used within a Process Central repository and in process diagrams. The student learns how to describe enterprise objects with shapes or diagrams, create enterprise relationships such as risks, requirements, controls, RACI, and more. Web Central is covered, showing how Enterprise data objects are accessible through the Web Central interface.

Additional Information

The contents of training courses may vary according to the location or country of delivery.

The Process Central class is typically combined with another class.

Please check with your iGrafx representative for further information and to sign up for a training class.