SAP Implementation – Speed it Up and Keep Costs Down by Doing it Right the First Time

The German company SAP® is the first choice for many leading organisations when in need of creating a centralised management system, otherwise known as an enterprise resource management (ERP) system. Companies that have chosen SAP are taking on a substantial investment that they know will need to be managed effectively. Risks with such an endeavour could be a roll-out that is slower and more expensive to get started, becoming a burden to maintain over time; the business spends more time managing the ERP system than using it to help achieve goals like customer service, market response and innovating products and services.

How does a company mitigate this risk? By making sure that the SAP implementation is in alignment with business needs and strategies from the beginning, and driving implementation choices from a processcentric perspective. This doesn’t require any more work up-front than an IT-centric implementation plan. However, it will save an extraordinary amount of work down the line, and ensure that the efforts for the SAP implementation and ongoing management result in the business outcomes you desire.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to mitigate the risk and how to make sure that the SAP implementation is in alignment with business needs and strategies.

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