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    French Fab. Logpickr, a start-up from Rennes that is attracting Americans

    Article published on February 17, 2022 in the French daily newspaper Ouest-France about the acquisition of Logpickr: Create...

    5 Must-Haves of a BPM Platform for Growth & Digital Transformation

    Process is at the center of everything, and when properly implemented, the right BPM platform will improve efficiency and pro...

    Vaccinations without waiting times & extra hours

    Barbara Bredner is a professional statistician consulting companies from industry, research and development. In a recent arti...

    Why is iGrafx the Best BPM Platform?

    Process Modeling and Simulation Never before has it been possible to create target processes so imaginatively. iGrafx simulat...

    What is BPM and Why Will it Never Die?

    It seems that BPM is much like Mark Twain, reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. Having been involved in BPM...

    The RESPA-TILA Gorilla: process changes to meet compliance needn’t be a walk through the jungle

    Driven by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Congress required the Consumer Financial Protection ...

    Managing Change - Minimizing the Disruption of Unfinished Dodd Frank Regulations

    Embracing Fluid Compliance The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is well known by financial companies...

    Threading the Needle: Achieving Innovation in a Transformed World

    Almost every organization now has some form of Innovation or Transformation defined in their strategy, but many don’t know ...

    Digital Business Transformation and the Successful Center of Excellence

    Download the article to understand: Why making a business process improvement is a key competency that is critical to succ...

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    Survive & Thrive: 9 Emerging Business Process Pillars

    There are 9 emerging business process pillars your business needs for successful and secure ongoing business operations. Down...

    Why Business Process Management?

    INNOVATE AND TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS Business Process Management (BPM) – What is it? To understand why Business Process Man...

    The Myth of the Universal Standard

    The first thing the average person realizes after they have purchased a TV, a Blu-ray discTM player and also have a cable or ...
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