20/20 Foresight

Lately, in the era of Amazon, Uber and Airbnb, companies have racked their collective brains thinking about how to disrupt their respective industries – or at the very least, avoid being disrupted. All too often, the technology du jour becomes the Siren’s song that business leaders become fixated on, only to spend lots of time and money and still crash on the rocks. Figuratively, of course, but still quite painfully.

Likely you have heard executive teams or individual decision makers lament that “if only I had a crystal ball…” I could make the right vendor decision. Purchase the right technology. Hire the right person. Etc. etc. So, they end up investing small fortunes in consulting firms to validate their decisions. Or they go with the biggest, most established vendor in the space, because “no one ever got fired for choosing” AT&T/IBM/Xerox (insert the latest 800lb gorilla here). Perhaps you yourself have been the decision maker in this scenario?

What if there was another, easier, almost sure-fire way to get leg up on competition? A way to do things cheaper/faster/better than them? A way to see the impact of operations before/during/after investing in changes? And a way to drive fundamental and cultural transformation? A crystal ball in the cloud? Well, not exactly, but the purpose of this article is to explain how all of the above is achievable today with a Business Transformation Platform.

Business Transfromation mit iGrafx

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