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Have You Seen What’s New – iGrafx 17.6


iGrafx has officially released 17.6 of our leading BPM Platform environment.  In this release we are excited to announce several new Reusable Modeling Objects.  These include:

Capability – You have strategic goals. Understanding how you meeting those goals is important.  In iGrafx 17.6 you can map, align, and report on your business capabilities representing the knowledge or skill necessary to provide a business service or deliver on a process activity to meet those goals.

Products & Business Services – Provide a clearer picture of the goods sold or processed, and the services provided as result of your process activities.

Journey, Moment, & Touch – iGrafx provides the ability to capture any journey within your company.  These may include not only Customer Journey, but also employee, partner, or product as well.  More importantly, you can relate your Journey to your actual business architecture.  For example, Journeys can be related to the capabilities and processes that ensure their success as well as the products and services they provide.  Additionally, you can provide transparency as to who owns the various moments in the journey, removing internal silos and allowing us to view our process through the eyes of the customers.

Opportunity & Opportunity Instance – While you have always been able to capture Risks & Controls within iGrafx, now you can also represent the potential positive effects of taking a risk.

BOT Resource – When you deploy RPA, it is imperative that you are able to know and track where those bots are being used.  With iGrafx 17.6 you will be able to identify which processes and activities that are performed by bots.  Additionally, when processes need to change based on new regulations or business requirements, understanding where bots are performing various activities will be imperative for both change management and governance.

RPA Module – Not sure whether a process is a candidate for RPA?  Our new RPA Module provides the ability to quickly assess the complexity and benefit of RPA on a process, so you can make decisions based on Strategic alignment and forecasted ROI rather than speculation.

Multi-Lingual Support – Does your company operate in more than one country or do your employees or partners speak different languages?  If so, chances are you struggle with ensuring that your documentation is clearly understood.  With Multi-Lingual support in iGrafx 17.6 you will now be able to capture your platform and process in multiple languages.  Languages currently supported: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, & Spanish.

Journey Map Diagrams – In addition to adding new architecture objects for Journey Mapping, iGrafx 17.6 now also offers a Journey Map diagram type and shape palette.

As noted above, creating diagrams in iGrafx provides so much more than just pictures. You have a rich process architecture landscape to create relationships and report on ensuring transparency of how things are done, why we perform them, when and where they are used, who owns or performs it, and how we measure it.

If you would like to see more, be sure to check out this video or for more information see our release notes.


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