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iGrafx Business Transformation Platform

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform enables Digital Transformation by connecting strategy to execution, while mitigating risk, ensuring compliance and providing a framework for governance and continuous business improvement.  It is a cloud-based, award winning, easy-to-use, platform that allows your organization to meet today’s increasing challenges with executing strategic vision, optimizing customer experience, operationalizing governance, risk & compliance (GRC), and delivering holistic quality management (QMS).

Your processes are the backbone on which everything is dependent for support. Whether implementing a Business Process Management program, Robotic Process Automation project, or working to optimize your Customer’s Experience, you will only succeed if your processes are clearly defined and understood.  The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform offers you an integrated way to capture, model, optimize, audit, execute and monitor processes at the speed of innovation.

We also recognize that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution.  That’s why iGrafx is designed to support you no matter where you are in the process journey.


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Benefits of iGrafx

iGrafx can help you align process knowledge to your business strategy by helping you get visibility into the key areas that matter most.

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Ease of Ownership

The iGrafx licensing model makes it easy to understand exactly who does what, allowing you to easily to get the right capabilities to the right people.

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Ease of Deployment

With iGrafx, you can decide what method of deployment will work best for you and your organization, whether completely cloud-based, within you datacenters or somewhere in between.

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