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Business Modeling

Augment the processes you have captured by enabling the identification of critical business impact on your operations using Business Modeling concepts like Process Ownership, Roles & Responsibilities, System & Application dependencies, Supply Chain impact, Customer Experience and other End to End aspects of your operations.

The iGrafx Platform provides award winning Business Modeling capability with an industry leading Gap & Impact Reporting engine to allow you to see levels of transparency in your business not visible before.  This key capability allows for understanding impact before a change is applied, and enables clarity when making critical business decisions related to Business Transformation and Continuity.

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Here's What you Get:

  • Hierarchical Process Organization
  • Organizational Modeling
  • System, Application & Interface Modeling
  • Data & Work Product Flow Modeling
  • Supply Chain and External Agent Modeling
  • Products & Services Modeling
  • Customer Journeys, Moments & Touchpoints connected to Operations
  • Capability Modeling
  • Multilingual Business Object content
  • Capture Custom Properties and Relationships
  • Gap & Impact Reporting
  • Process Narrative Reporting

Establish the building blocks for enabling and supporting Strategy to Execution, Risk Management & Compliance, Business Continuity & Resiliency, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and much more.

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