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iGrafx Core Edition

The iGrafx Core Edition takes the guess work out of what is needed to jumpstart your company’s Business Transformation initiatives. Whether that is standing up a Center of Excellence (CoE) or trying to display compliance for audits and certifications such as ISO, SOX, or GDPR, the iGrafx Core Edition provides all the components you need.

Core Benefits


Start small and scale limitlessly! Often when software companies sell small, packaged, “easy to buy” versions, they are less powerful, with fewer features and with limited ability to grow. Not with iGrafx Core Edition, which is simply a predefined implementation of our Enterprise Cloud. You will be able to take control of your processes and easily scale as adoption of your CoE grows. We have experience with both small teams and global deployments of over 50k users. And with modules for Automation, Risk & Compliance, Performance Management, and GDPR, we have the tools you need to help you succeed.

Live Training

Ramp up and hone skills easily! Onboarding and achieving speed to value is crucial, and with expansive, enterprise software solutions, it typically isn’t easy. The iGrafx Core Edition allows you to get up to speed and running quickly with comprehensive live training courses. Whether it’s your first time or you just need a refresher, you and your entire team can take the training courses as often as you like for the duration of your subscription term. Plus, you will have unlimited access to our online video tutorial library.

Content Included

Get on the right track with prebuilt, best practices content! Too often you purchase a new tool and have to start from scratch, with a blank slate. Or pay for professional services to build custom templates for your organization. Our preloaded content will jump start your success and return on investment. Core Edition comes packed with a predefined best practice framework, glossary of terms, gap and audit reports, and resource model. Then, when you’re ready, you can create and add your own.

Guaranteed Value

Prove your investment is adding value! Knowing whether or not an investment in a tool is offering real, demonstrable value isn’t always easy. It is with iGrafx Core Edition. iGrafx has helped 10,000 companies around the world save millions of dollars. Core Edition includes dashboards and reports to clearly indicate if you’re achieving preset goals. And the solution comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you do not see the desired results after 6 months, cancel without penalty.

Easy to Buy

This really is easy to buy… The software industry has made it increasingly difficult to purchase enterprise-grade SaaS solutions. Typically you must specify exactly how large the implementation will be, up-front, and you are strongly encouraged (incentivized) to sign a long term contract. Not with Core Edition. It’s one, simple, powerful, scaleable footprint for 10 users. Discounted pricing for a one year term, and the ability to leave without penalty after 6 months.

Simplify IT

Hosting, maintaining and administering enterprise software is expensive and complex! Avoid large upfront capital expenditures and eliminate the costs associated with internal IT expenses. iGrafx Core Edition is a SaaS solution that can be easily accessed without any risks to your existing IT environment. In addition, the complex task of managing and tracking user licenses and any issues associated with compliance are eliminated. You will have access from anywhere, anytime, allowing for ease of collaboration and increased efficiency.

Regardless of Industry

For the past 27 years, leading organizations from industries and sectors around the globe have turned to iGrafx to help drive their business innovation and transformation initiatives to reduce costs, optimizing operations, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage.


People count on you to protect them and their families, spend their tax dollars wisely, and be there in the event of an emergency. Your constituent’s lives are quite literally on the line. iGrafx is the digital operations tool chosen by every branch of the U.S. military, NASA, the FDA and the U.S. Treasury, as well as regional governments around the world.

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Financial Services

No one is as heavily regulated as you and when it comes to Risk and Compliance, we get it. iGrafx has helped companies like Wells Fargo, JPMC, Credit Suisse, and more address these challenges with risk and opportunity mapping and in-depth reporting to find the gaps before the auditors show up, eliminating $millions in fines. Talk about ROI.

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If you work in Healthcare, the decisions you make on handling patience can mean the difference between life & death. We have helped organizations like St. Lukes Health, Parkland Hospital, and more not only improve patient care, but help expedite many of their patient intake and billing processes to help ensure compliance with HIPPA regulations.

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Every day you are managing costs and trying to eliminate defects that produce waste, all while ensuring product quality. What if all your employees, even those on the production floor, could easily see how they contribute to your overall process excellence. Whether you are trying to improve overall process effectiveness and efficiency with methodologies like Lean & Six Sigma, or you are trying to obtain and maintain your ISO Certification and Compliance, we have been helping companies like Sloan Valve, Caterpillar, Denso, and more do just that.

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Todays telecom world is ripe with competition. Transformation is key to gaining a competitive advantage. You need to ensure a good customer experience regardless of what channel they use to communicate and do business with you. At the same time, ever increasing regulatory and privacy requirements like California’s Consumer Privacy Act, or the EU’s GDPR have created a host of other challenges. Some of the world’s top Telecommunications companies like Verizon, Cox, Colt and more use iGrafx to understand how processes actually work from a customer’s perspective and identify the processes that drive compliance.

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Talk about a volatile market. If you work in the energy field, like our customers Pacific Gas & Electric, Chevron and Halliburton, you know that you need to optimize operations and maintain costs in order to grow. The increasing government & environmental regulations also add challenges. iGrafx enables you to identify how current and future state processes will impact strategic objectives and help you make intelligent decisions to manage change while meeting regulatory requirements.

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Here's what you get:

All the power of the world’s number one Digital Transformation Platform, hosted on the iGrafx Enterprise Cloud, and packaged for simplicity. It offers:

Collaborative access for up to 10 users (see table below for specific capabilities)

  • 5 Collaborators
  • 5 Architects

Predefined and preloaded content including

  • Process Classification Framework (PCF) process objects
  • Sample glossary of terms
  • Base Resource Model
  • Defined Gap and Audit reports
  • Navigation pages

Rapid onboarding & speed to value

  • Comprehensive live training courses for duration of subscription term
  • Unlimited access to online video resources
  • ROI Guarantee*

If you do not see the desired value after 6 months, cancel without penalty

  • Complete flexibility and ability to expand core functionality at any time
  • Easily scale to 50,000+ users
  • Automation module
  • Performance, Risk & Compliance module
  • GDPR certification module

All for one packaged price!

Digital Transformation Platform Capabilities

This table highlights the Digital Transformation Platform capabilities enabled by specific user licenses.

Compare versions of process maps & models to easily identify what has changed
View all Enterprise Objects, dashboards & reports
View & create diagram comments
Add and update non-iGrafx documents
(e.g. PDF, DOC, PPT, etc.)
Create & edit web address objects
Connect iGrafx Client
(FlowCharter, Process, or Process for Six Sigma) (1)
Check-out & check-in iGrafx Client documents & diagrams
Start, schedule & participate in Cycle Management
Create, edit, & manage web diagrams
Propose new Enterprise Objects from a web diagram
Create & edit resource, glossary & term objects
Create & edit dashboards & reports
Create & edit all Enterprise Objects (not requiring a Module) (2)
Propose & create Enterprise Objects from web diagram
Create custom libraries of shapes for your specific diagramming standards

*Package is for 1 year subscription term.Cancellation will incur first 6 months of iGrafx Core Edition costs, plus any incremental services provided with no additional penalties or fees.

(1)FlowCharter, Process, and Process for Six Sigma are Desktop Clients installed separately from the Platform.

(2) Objects that can be edited without a module are: Strategy, Goal, Requirement, Process, External Agent, Resource, Interface, Service, Operation, Work Product, Class, Diagram (web-authored), Client Document containing Diagrams, Shortcut, Glossary, Term, Dashboard, Report, Shape Library, and Web Address.