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BPMN Web Modeling

Accessible from anywhere, BPMN web modeling makes it easier to discover and model processes across your organization. iGrafx guides you through BPMN 2.0 with our intuitive, business-friendly interface to model with confidence and enforce modeling standards for better communication across teams.

Model with ease
  • Create accurate models guided by automatic syntax correction.
  • Drag and drop tasks from a reusable process library.
  • Connect and adjust activities with minimal clicks.
  • Leverage re-usable sub-processes to create process hierarchy.
Collaborate on process definition and design
  • Centrally store diagrams for access by modelers across the company.
  • Execute review cycles and collect feedback directly in diagrams.
  • Control versions and accessibility to pre-approved processes.
Capture business context and connections
  • Use diagrams to navigate how process flow support your enterprise goals and strategies.
  • Display live performance metrics directly in diagrams.
  • Visualize who is responsible for each step and how resources support activities.
  • Associate supporting documents, URLs or other material to add depth to process descriptions.