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When it comes to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for digital business transformation, understanding which processes are solid automation candidates and which are not can make the difference between project success and continued funding, or….

It is also important to remember, with RPA, Governance is key. You need a standardized way to define which processes are automation candidates. To do this it is imperative that we understand the actual process, what it does, how it is currently performing, the up and down stream relationships to other business units and process, and what the intended goal of the automation will be. Without this, we cannot effectively manage or communicate change and it will be impossible to provide any quantifiable metrics that show ROI.

When it comes to compliance, it is true that your new digital workers will perform the process defined for them without deviation, but do you know what systems and data they have access to and what they are doing with it. Your auditor will want to know. They will also ask what will happen when a deviation is needed? How have you planned for continuity and resiliency? What if that digital workforce needs to be updated or turned off. Do you know where all your digital workers are?

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides an end-to-end solution that enables enterprises to identify, assess, prioritize, communicate, execute, and govern robotic process automation (RPA) projects.

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To help stream line your RPA implementations, we have partnered with the industry’s top RPA providers and implementation experts to deliver a single, easy-to-buy solution enabling you to identify and prioritize exactly what to automate and then prove results. It also addresses the longer-term challenges of governing ever-increasing digital workforces and ensuring processes remain compliant.

This Accelerator package includes:

  • The latest cloud hosted version of iGrafx Platform
  • RPA Assessment tool
  • Process Mining from myInvenio or LanaLabs
  • RPA from Blue Prism*, UIPath or Servicetrace
  • Professional services from BP3 Global, Inc.

* iGrafx Platform Synchronizer available on Blue Prism DX


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