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Workflow Automation Software

It is one thing to document your process, but auditors want to know how you ensure that it is being followed. The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform defines, prioritizes, and automates the communication between systems, processes and departments. Additionally, when it comes to process optimization, workflow automation provides an accurate measure of a process’s true performance.


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How iGrafx Helps:

  • Deploy, run and control efficient processes to complete the cycle of improvement
  • Ensure processes are performed accurately and more efficiently.
  • Friendly UI guides users through automated processes step by step.
  • Visibility and prioritization of work to do.
  • Monitor running processes.

More importantly, iGrafx gives business teams the independence to automate their processes without a need for costly IT projects. 

Here's What You Get:

  • Create drag & drop BPMN diagrams with an award winning Easy to Use interface.
  • Deploy models to automated workflow in a single click.
  • Accelerate design time with “Smart Form” design tools and best practice templates for multiple industries and specific processes


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