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Business Continuity & Resiliency

Business Continuity & Resiliency Consulting

To help ensure resiliency and develop a business continuity plan for possible disruptions, it is imperative that business critical processes be identified and captured. However, to truly be successful, much more is needed.

Things to Consider

Do my Business-Critical Processes have:

  • clearly identified owners and performers, and their locations, to ensure proper communication of changes?
  • understanding of IT systems and locations those resources and processes require to perform their work?
  • regulatory compliance risks and do they have mitigating controls in place to reduce the impact of a disruption?
  • alignment to strategic goals, initiatives and imperatives that help prioritize service restoration targets
  • an impact on the ability to deliver goods and services that will negatively affect the customer experience
  • key performance indicators in place to monitor their current performance and help identify disruption before it occurs or possible areas of improvement.
  • external suppliers required to deliver products, services, or material

    See where your company stands by answering the following 9 questions on Business Continuity Planning!
Are You Ready? Free Assessment

What We Provide:

Our team will work to coach and train your staff in the three stages for BC&R readiness. These stages include:


  • Perform a Business Impact Analysis to gather data and identify Critical processes and related information.
  • Enter the objects and relationships in iGrafx
  • Use the Identify stage reports delivered with this solution to help identify gaps and ensure relatively complete object creation with direct relationships.


  • Identify issues in the data, including:
    • Single Source (single point-of-failure) issues
    • Gaps that exist with “indirect” relationships
  • Manage and govern the content, ensuring that it is complete and maintained, so that you are ready for a BCR event.


  • Identify backups for impacted processes and resources
  • Ensure the proper resources have access to needed documentation
  • Understand ‘higher order’ or future impacts like what changing regulations due to the event will mean.

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