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ROPE™ Solution

Risk Management + Workflows = iGrafx ROPE™ Solution

Beyond risk management alone, our ROPE™ (Risk & Opportunity thru Process Excellence) solution helps you implement a company-wide risk management system, which is workflow-based and sustainable. Using an automated approach means fewer deviations/errors, clearer information flow and increased transparency.  It also makes it easier to make strategic decisions based on uncovered risks and opportunities, and which processes require attention and/or automation.

By identifying key risks, controls can then be designed and automated to ensure processes become (and remain) compliant.


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What does iGrafx ROPE™ Solution offer?

  • Automate risk detection to ensure consistent reporting, reviews and approvals across the enterprise
  • Provide a continuous improvement cycle for identified risks
  • Ensuring that audit compliance standards and requirements are properly recorded
  • Identify potential compliance issues by reporting on process and risk gaps, impacts, costs, etc.
  • Ensuring that risk management remains a part of the culture, with transparency about where risks exist and with clearly defined owners

Easy creation of:

  • Risk and control catalogs
  • Action plans and tasks
  • Reports on derived residual risks
  • Risk matrices and heat maps

Your benefit:

  • Tailored and monitored workflows
  • Comprehensive risk reporting with gap analysis
  • Cost avoidance (regulatory non-compliance)
  • More sales through realized opportunities
  • Cost reduction and better product quality through fewer mistakes
  • Collect risk and opportunity knowledge from process experts
  • Clearly assigned responsibilities


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