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Levels of Perspective


Happy New Year!!!

I hope the New Year has started out great for you.  As many of you are aware, and some may not be, I take the last two weeks of the year off (or close to the last two weeks) to do some introspection, and goal setting.  I have found this time of reflection a time to gain some new perspectives on my personal and professional life.  As I sat down and looked at the goals, I wanted to achieve in 2019, there were some I did not achieve.  Not for lack of trying, but because other opportunities came my way, I had to take advantage of.  I’m grateful and humbled that I did.

That said, in 2020, there are a few goals I would love, and I plan to achieve.  One goal year is consistent blogging.  I have missed sharing and hearing back from you.  I learn a lot from sharing, and I want to get that back.  As I thought of blogging and what I wanted to focused on, the word “perspective” kept coming to mind.  I believe it kept coming to mind because in 2019 there were many changes in the organizations in which I work, as well as, my own personal business.  It was always interesting to hear others perspective on what needed to change and why.   As many of you know, I teach and train martial arts.  I approach situations, many times, leveraging those very same concepts.  Martial Arts is more mental and physical.  First you start with building your foundation to train (mental preparedness).  Second, you move into learning the techniques (the way to carry out the art).  Third you build your skill (how well you can demonstrate the art) by applying the techniques.  Finally, there is some sort of transformation (belt level/title change) based on the skill. This progression put into perspective for me the “true” meaning of the art.

As I reflected on all the change, I encountered in 2019, it was quite evident the foundation is many times  glazed over.  A lot of the change was driven by dates, or desires, opposed to doing what makes sense.  When I thought even further, it also became quite evident individuals struggle with HOW to figure out what the foundation “truly” is.  The focus was mainly on meeting a request of management, or just doing what you were told, whether it made sense or not.  There are many different ways to understand the foundation of your organization.  There are many techniques and approaches to gain the different perspective.  Take time to understand the foundation, as that will help you to drive better solutions and transformations.

This year I will be focusing all my blog content on the different  levels of “perspectives” in an organization.  For clarity, the word perspective means “A particular way of viewing things that depends on one’s experience and personality”1.  I will focus on 6 main areas over the course of the year, with a goal of writing a blog every other month, on different perspectives you can leverage to understand your organization.  The areas will be: (1) Organization, (2) Customer Experience, (3) Process, (4) Business Rules (5) System Modelling, and (6) Data Modelling.  We will learn different tools and techniques you in each of these areas.

I hope you will join me.

Until next time!!!

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