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The Myth of the Universal Standard

The first thing the average person realizes after they have purchased a TV, a Blu-ray discTM player and also have a cable or satellite box

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Why Quality Support Makes Business Sense

An all too familiar story? What comes to mind when you think about the times you have been in need of support from a vendor?

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Business Process Optimization – Where do I start?

Most companies today are well aware that their Business Processes are key to their competitive success. They also know they are central in acquiring new

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Extend BPMN to Suit Big Business Objectives

Standard, schmandard. You can declare anything you’d like a "standard", but unless people actually use it, calling it a "standard" puts it into its own

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Connect the Dots with Extended Process Modeling

An Ever-So-Brief History of Process Modeling Let's take a little journey back in time, shall we? Hang with me – I promise not to stop

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Seeing Through the Fog: An Integrated Risk Management and Business Process Approach

Most businesses are doing some form of risk management. Managed risks are one thing, but unmanaged risks can be pretty difficult to estimate and accommodate

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Process for the Sake of Process = Failure

So you’re pretty happy with yourself. You’ve churned out the most brilliant, thoughtfully paced out set of business process improvement initiatives you’re sure this company

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Pondering the past and looking ahead

To support the launch of our new website, I was asked to share a bit about our humble beginnings and the diverse characters that have

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