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Process Optimization and ERP Systems: how to navigate around the storm

Journey Towards Process Excellence There's a storm a-brewin'. You saw it start to form the minute you were chartered with optimizing processes to increase productivity

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Change Management: keeping the train on the tracks

Journey Towards Process Excellence In the world of business process management, your work is never done. Some days, you feel like the guy who used

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Getting Business and IT In Sync

Journey Towards Process Excellence Once your company has adopted the notion that business process management is a strategic initiative supporting business goals and market competitiveness,

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BPM in Oil, Gas, and Energy

Business Process Management isn’t a unique ideology to any organization. But the problems that it can help solve are. With some of the processes that

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BPM Fuels Power Companies

Efforts to continuously improve operational efficiencies consistently across an organization isn’t limited by industry. Power companies responsible for generating large amounts of electricity need an

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Agile Decisions and Agile Actions: Keeping Up with Change from Strategy to Execution

The Gist We hear much these days about business needing to be agile. But what does it really mean to be agile? Remember what it

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