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Next Generation Process Mining

iGrafx expands its world-class BPM platform with patent-pending process mining technology in recent Logpickr acquisition.

Comprehensive business process management (BPM) starts with the deep discovery of existing systems. Equipped with this knowledge, all interactions can then be mapped back to the intended design. With iGrafx and Logpickr Process Explorer 360, businesses gain a more holistic approach to process improvement.



Leverage patent-pending process mining technology combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence in an easy-to-use, highly functional interface.



Process Explorer 360 from Logpickr expands the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform with advanced process mining capabilities.


Using the right solutions, teams can better understand the original process plan, gather data on what actually occurs, and seek areas for improvement and optimization.



“Process mining adds a tremendous amount of value to process improvement, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.
What iGrafx is doing with the acquisition of Logpickr is completing the picture by adding process mining alongside their proven modeling, discovery, and mapping solutions to provide a complete process improvement vision and to accelerate the work of today’s business analyst.”

– Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder and Principal Analyst at Deep Analysis

By adding Process Explorer 360 to the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform, organizations can now more easily achieve:


True 360-degree process management: Add process mining, to connect the “as-intended” view of the process and the “as-executed” view of the process to ensure correct conformance analysis, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Greater operational intelligence: Combine the power of BPM and process mining to gain live insights and actionable information in context for customer-centric differentiation.

Reduced time to value: Make smart decisions faster while gaining a competitive advantage with wider process analysis now at your fingertips.

Customer Success with Process Explorer 360


Improving Customer Experience


Increase in customer satisfaction

Increasing Productivity


Reduction in processing times

Cost Savings and Reduction


Reduction in error rates




“At iGrafx we wanted to go beyond offering the conventional process mining approach. Logpickr has developed unique differentiators to speed the process of mining. There will be immense value to our current customers and we are thrilled to bring further innovation to the world of process improvement.”

– Teesee Murray, iGrafx CEO