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Management and Control of Regulatory Risks


During iGrafx iNNOVATE, our virtual event covering the future of transformation back in May, our partner Deloitte hosted one of the sessions. The speakers Olaf Lahrsen, Partner & Digital Leader Risk Advisory, and Vladislav Valchanov, Senior Manager Risk Advisory – both from Deloitte GmbH – gave a presentation titled “Intelligent Regulatory Monitoring & Governance Solution – Diamond”.

The presentation was about the “Diamond” solution is the result of the cooperation between Deloitte and iGrafx. This tool, which is unique to the market, provides relevant information about legal regulations from different jurisdictions in a structured and consistent manner.  It enables companies to meet their requirements in terms of risk management and compliance and to comply with upcoming industry regulations. Regulatory challenges are driving change in banks and financial service providers now more than ever, but it is also becoming increasingly important in other industries as well. This tool makes it quick and easy to check whether and to what extent changes in regulatory requirements are needed for the company.  Users can ensure that these changes with the associated risks are recognized immediately, stored in their workflow in an audit-proof manner, and transferred accordingly to the business and operating model.

At the end of the presentation of the “Diamond” solution, our colleague Kathrin Brunner, Pre-Sales Consultant at iGrafx, showed how the  iGrafx platform can be used to map and evaluate various risks and measures and also to link them to existing processes and organizational structures.

Are you interested in the “Diamond” solution? Get in touch with us!

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