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Practical Example: Vaccination Centre Simulation


Due to Corona, vaccination has become a topic that everyone has to deal with at some point. Unfortunately, there are many questions but only few answers. Every country handles their vaccination situation differently, so there is no universal solution. In Germany, there is great pressure to vaccinate as many people as possible against corona, in order to achieve rapid herd immunity. However, the vaccination logistics within the vaccination centers must also be correct, because they are often overcrowded and cost the vaccinated people a lot of time and the employees a lot of overtime. There are many factors that have to be considered in order to vaccinate a certain number of citizens.

Barbara Bredner, a certified statistician, used iGrafx PROCESS to visualize each process step and also calculated the time required for each step in order to detect avoidable waiting time. These were optimized using iGrafx simulations to achieve the goal of 1000 vaccinated per day.

Here you see the simulation of the first of four results. With iGrafx you can see active (blue) and overloaded (red) process steps.

Bredner’s full article “Vaccinations without waiting times & extra hours” and the final result of the vaccination process simulation can be viewed under our articles. Also, feel free to visit Barbara Bredner’s website.

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