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iGrafx Accelerators enable Enterprise Architects to define enterprise models more quickly by leveraging published enterprise frameworks as a starting point. As your organization’s model evolves, iGrafx helps ensure it remains aligned with appropriate industry standards and highlights areas of competitive differentiation. By linking an enterprise model with one or more frameworks, compliance and gap analysis is possible and organizations can focus process improvement efforts in areas that are competitive differentiators. In addition, alignment with some enterprise frameworks, e.g. Process Classification Framework, poises organizations to benchmark their performance with industry peers.

iGrafx PCF Accelerator

The iGrafx PCF accelerator provides the full APQC cross-industry Process Classification Framework of processes and activities for organizations to use as a reference to benchmark their operations against allowing for focused process improvement.

  • Rapidly define enterprise models inclusive of business and process architectures.
  • Facilitate improvement through process management and benchmarking, regardless of industry, size, or geography.
  • Organization of operating and management processes into 12 enterprise level categories, including process groups and over 1,000 processes and associated activities.
  • Available frameworks in cross-industry and ten industry specific formats: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking, Broadcasting, Consumer Products, Electric Utilities, Petroleum Downstream, Petroleum Upstream, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications.

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iGrafx BPTF Accelerator

The VCG Business Process Transformation Framework establishes business architectures encompassing best-in-class business process management, methodology and IT blueprinting. The iGrafx BPTF Accelerator proposes a reference model that addresses processes, activities and metrics and their dependencies throughout the Value Chain. The standard framework promotes consensus and helps drive continuous improvement and transformation of processes. For more information regarding the BPTF, visit