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BPM in the Cloud

iGrafx is a collaborative BPM software that offers all the important functions for reaching process maturity and digital transformation: simple modeling, powerful reporting functions and dashboards, process automation, risk management, governance and much more – all combined in a single solution for company-wide use.

We offer you iGrafx either in the Enterprise or the Dedicated Cloud. Access to iGrafx via the Enterprise Cloud means that no complex IT measures or extensive investments are required for implementation or during operation. Our cloud solution offers secure access to all iGrafx tools and is SSL-encrypted with any browser, in the office, at home or on the go. Process management in the cloud has never been easier thanks to the provision of the iGrafx platform in the dedicated cloud you can avoid complex IT installation efforts and significant initial and ongoing capital costs. With this private solution, we can adapt cloud options to your specific legal or political requirements and meet individual IT requirements. Cloud computing with iGrafx enables you to have secure and agile business process management.

The Advantages

This use of  Business Process Management in the cloud  – i.e. the shared use of BPM software that is made available via the Internet – gives you the following advantages:

  • Security:  via cloud-based data centers in your geographic region, supervised by experts.
  • Accessibility & simplicity:  worldwide access to central process data in your iGrafx BPM software via browser.
  • Cost savings:  usage-based payment model with – if at all – minimal IT investments.
  • Scalability: Cloud computing with iGrafx saves you having to invest in physical infrastructure. Your company grows – and the subscription to your BPM software grows with it.

Process Management in the Cloud: Easy Deployment - Easy Access

iGrafx’s BPM software helps you decide which deployment option is best for you and your organization. You can choose whether it runs completely cloud-based, in your data centers or as a combination of both solutions.

Deployment Options
iGrafx Enterprise Cloud The fastest, easiest, simplest way to start using iGrafx to solve your business needs. Stood up and ready as soon as you are. Enjoy a secure, enterprise-class environment that takes care of the infrastructure for you, allowing you to focus on your improvement efforts, while always ensuring you are on the latest and greatest version of iGrafx.
iGrafx Dedicated Cloud Our iGrafx Dedicated Cloud offering that gives you the ability to control the environment, including which version of iGrafx you are using. This flexibility allows for planned change management and roll out of new functionality according to your schedule.
iGrafx Datacenter Deploy iGrafx in your IT environment or private cloud. We will work with your IT resources on installation and planned upgrades as your use of iGrafx expands.


Access Options
Web Browser iGrafx is a modern, fully-enabled web application that delivers unparalleled performance and accessibility. No client installations are necessary to get all the benefits of the entire iGrafx suite.
iGrafx Client For Lean Six Sigma experts who require robust analysis tools, the iGrafx desktop client can be used to connect to the platform and ensure all your process documentation and analysis is kept in your process repository. This expert analysis tool is installed and run on your analyst's computer.

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