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The iGrafx licensing model makes it easy to understand exactly who does what, allowing you to easily to get the right capabilities to the right people.

In our 25+ years of experience in BPM, we understand the nature of the roles involved in ensuring BPM success. That is why our licensing reflects the four major personas who are involved in BPM solutions: Viewers, Collaborators, Designers and Architects. Or VCDA for short.

"Viewers" are the front line people who perform processes. They need to know what's expected of them…what to produce and how. They need to find the approved process and procedural documentation quickly and easily, acknowledge they understand it, and then get on with their work.

"Collaborators" are executives, process owners and experts who are accountable for the work being done. They may provide supporting documentation or be called upon to approve the documents others see. They need consolidated information and process visibility across their organization.

"Designers" are the process authors who are experts at building process diagrams, executing process improvement projects and ensure the documentation approved by the collaborators and seen by the Viewers is current and accurate. They need diagramming and analysis tools that ensure project success and improved business performance.

"Architects" are the business experts who create the end-to-end views of the enterprise and define the pieces the 'Designers' take ownership of. They create the frameworks and reusable objects of the solution that drive the enterprise model. They need a unified transformation planning, impact analysis and reporting tool that gives them the insights they need to plan the transformation of the business.

VCDA forms the backbone of the entire iGrafx environment, consistently delivering the right functionality to the right users at the right time:

iGrafx Capability





View Approved Documents X X X X
Endorse Documents & Diagrams X X X X
Review and Approve Diagrams & Documents X X X
View Objects & Reports X X X
View or Create Comments X X X
Create & Manage Office Docs (PDF, DOC, PPT, etc) & Web References X X X
Create & Manage Diagrams X X
Create & Edit Resources (for RACI) and Glossary Terms X X
Create & Edit Dashboards & Reports X X
Create Proposed (or Draft) Business Architecture Objects X X
Create, Edit & Approve Business Architecture Objects and Relationships* X

*Business Architecture object creation based on platform modules installed – for a full listing of capabilities and module capabilities please go here.

Perpetual Licensing vs. Subscription Options

Whether your installation is hosted by the iGrafx Cloud or in your network, iGrafx has flexible licensing options to support your procurement needs. Our Customers can subscribe to the iGrafx Cloud offerings or purchase perpetual licenses for their in-house deployments.

Your licensing options across our deployment models are:




Enterprise Cloud X
Dedicated Cloud X
Datacenter (on-premises or Private Cloud) X X