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Process Analysis & Simulation

Increase transparency and improve onboarding by bringing siloed process knowledge out of minds of your staff and making it easily reusable to your entire organization.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides an award winning “Easy to Use” interface to capture, store and manage processes along with related business architecture information as reusable knowledge to accelerate projects and provide process transparency and understanding.

Process Modeling

Spend less time documenting process and more time creating business value. iGrafx automatically manages many of the drawing tasks to capture processes quickly while ensuring consistency.

iGrafx enables Process Analysts, Designers, and Improvement teams to Capture, Analyze and Design business processes as a foundation for continuous improvement. Perform process analysis and design quickly and easily with robust features well beyond an ordinary mapping tool. iGrafx modeling components are designed to allow different continuous improvement roles accomplish their tasks most effectively as part of an enterprise-wide approach to process excellence.

  • Intuitive modeling of BPMN and cross-functional Swimlane® diagrams.
  • Use intelligent diagramming features such as Quick Map, predefined templates, and correct-by-construction modeling to build models faster.
  • Model from anywhere with browser and mobile access.
  • Easily manage complex processes with drag & drop hierarchy structure.
  • Include process behaviors such as resources, decisions, rules, and more.
  • Provide content for Multilingual audience.
  • Identify and capture customer / employee journeys to improve overall experience.
  • Reusable business architecture to visualize the relationships between processes and the business operating model.

Easily Perform Analysis for Innovation and Continuous Improvement

With your processes captured, now it is time to focus on continuous improvement. With iGrafx, you can perform basic “static” analysis based on data in the model or even apply powerful discrete event simulation to foresee the results of proposed changes or visualize potential bottlenecks and delays, then view a side-by-side comparison of the As-Is and To-Be.

Understanding exactly who performs processes and tasks, what systems they interact with, or even how long it takes. Process Mining can shed light on your process and show you how work is really performed and where there are potential compliance issues. Through our partnerships with Process Mining vendors, these models and data can be imported directly into your iGrafx Business Transformation Platform and connected to your process models and overall business architecture.

With processes now clearly mapped, modeled, and understood, the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform gives you the mechanisms to quickly identify and test methods of optimizing and improving.  This may include reviewing for possible Robotic Process Automation (RPA)Workflow Automation, or using iGrafx powerful Discrete Event Simulation you can do what-if analysis on multiple process improvement scenarios, all without disrupting your production environment.

The Right Tool for Different Jobs

iGrafx provides different roles with the optimum tool for performing modeling and analysis tasks effectively:

Building in Your Business Architecture

Augment the processes you have captured by enabling the identification Process Ownership, Roles & Responsibilities, IT System & Application dependencies, Risks, and Performance measures that enable  Customer Experience and understand the potential critical business impact on operations.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides award winning business modeling capability with gap & impact reporting that allows organizations to have the transparency needed to manage change and have clarity for making critical business decisions related to digital transformation projects.

Establish the building blocks for enabling and supporting Strategy to Execution, Risk Management & Compliance, Business Continuity & Resiliency, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation and much more.

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