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Leverage systems of record, locate hot spots, reduce costly manual processes, and be prepared for compliance audits

Assign Risk/Controls and report on mitigation gaps in the process context

  • Add or import items to risk and control catalogs for reuse.
  • Create risk and control instances in the context of the process flows.
  • Report on gaps of risks without controls.

Specific assessment per instance of risk & control within process structure

  • Based on the operational specifics of the process, assess the risk’s likelihood and impact.
  • Assess the effectivity of controls that mitigate specific risk instances.
  • Leverage risk categories to aid control coverage analysis
  • Apply business or industry specific properties for true visibility, e.g., Key vs. Non-Key, SOX, BASEL, Solvency II, etc.
  • Calculate and report on “residual” risk based on assessment of risk and control

Leverage risk and control catalogs for audit reports around business processes

  • See effectivity of risk mitigation (residual risk) from risk catalog
  • Show gap of risks in catalog not applied in process structure

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