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With iGrafx SAP modeling capabilities, you can get the most business value out of your SAP implementation. How? By ensuring alignment with your business and minimizing the time and cost of upcoming or ongoing SAP projects. iGrafx provides you with a platform for enhanced communication between IT and business and effective change management, as the SAP landscape is seamlessly integrated into the operational end-to-end model of your business.


Leverage SAP Project structures as Supporting Process Landscape

  • Design and edit SAP business blueprint projects in a business-friendly tool.
  • Combine business terminology with system and data information in a single model.
  • Guarantee the integrity of blueprint models through synchronization of iGrafx and SAP Solution Manager.
  • Track key personnel who should be contacted for input on process design, notified and trained on changes and even recruited to assist in end-user testing.
  • Accurate communication between IT & Business as they leverage same views.


Visualize dependencies within SAP Project structure

  • Visualize where SAP automated activities are part of a larger business process.
  • Document process-related requirements – technical, functional and financial – to fill out the full picture for implementation teams.
  • Meet compliance imperatives by articulating required business rules and controls.


Easily see impact of SAP changes throughout Operational Process Landscape

  • Run easy-to-read visual reports to analyze the effect of SAP on operational processes and both internal and external resources.
  • Plan how SAP-related IT architecture resources are needed to best support the business.
  • Detect areas of opportunity for SAP to improve business operations.

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