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System of Record Integration

You have got hundreds of strands of data across multiple systems. And yet that data is crucial to be part of a process knowledge library to enable your digital transformation effectively. iGrafx provides systems integration by means of APIs or our custom tool iGrafx Data Input/Output to ensure the right data is pulled into the system so you can see the impact of change and how you are truly performing at the speed of innovation.


Tie to your system of record for:

  • Users
  • Performance Data
  • Risks and Controls
  • Applications and Systems
  • SAP and/or ERP


Common Use Cases

  • Extract an inventory of the applications used in the company from a third-party system, compare them with the existing application objects in iGrafx and based on the result, either create, update, or delete objects.
  • Extract live performance data from a productive third-party system and import this data every hour (daily, weekly) into iGrafx.
  • Extract components from SAP solutions landscape so that they can be represented as supporting processes to your operational landscape.
  • Enable use of other important activities like Process Discovery Acceleration, GDPR implementation, Business Continuity & Resiliency hardening and RPA Assessment

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