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To support the launch of our new website, I was asked to share a bit about our humble beginnings and the diverse characters that have played a crucial part in developing iGrafx over the years to what it has become today – an industry-leading provider of business process management and improvement solutions (you can read more about our history here. As I look back, I reflect not so much on where we are today, but what the journey was like getting here.

The winning formula for any successful company must contain – first and foremost – a solid team made up of key contributors that are all rowing in the same direction. What strikes me most about our team is their loyalty, willingness to take on any challenge and to deliver the best software and services solutions possible. This fact is further illustrated by the atypical longevity of their tenure. This dedicated team is wickedly smart, not so shy, and understands the true impact they have.

The results of such a no-nonsense team approach can be seen in the end products and services we offer to our customers. The simple fact is that if it’s not good enough for us, you’ll never have a chance to see it.

With the launch of iGrafx 2013, it’s again clear that everything we deliver will always be aimed at helping organizations find success with their business process initiatives. How do we do it? By applying one more winning formula - arming all key players with the tools they need to effectively contribute to business transformation.

Ed Maddock

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