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Newsletter Archive

Transformation Weekly, September 1st, 2018

  • For a phrase that’s being thrown around quite a bit recently, find out what “Digital Transformation” actually means.
  • Learn what successful digital transformations have in common.
  • Learn some important lessons when undertaking digital transformation.

Transformation Weekly, August 25th, 2018

  • Read the latest digital transformation advice - be the automator, not the automated.
  • Find out why most companies lack leadership capabilities for digital transformation projects.
  • Learn what the latest trends in digital transformation are now, and how they've changed over the past few months.

Transformation Weekly, August 18th, 2018

  • Find out why you should care about digital transformation.
  • Learn why 78% of enterprises fail to scale and sustain their digital transformation initiatives.
  • Understand how digital transformation is reshaping businesses everywhere.

Transformation Weekly, August 11th, 2018

  • Learn what transformation actually means.
  • Find out what the 3 P's of digital transformation are.
  • Understand how iGrafx has been driving transformation in Japan.

Transformation Weekly, August 4th, 2018

  • Learn why many high-profile digital transformations fail.
  • Find out what's next for the industry's biggest buzzword, digital transformation.
  • Why companies fail at digital transformation by focusing on optimization.

Transformation Weekly, July 28th, 2018

  • Find out what's next for business' biggest buzz word, digital transformation.
  • Understand why a culture of innovation may be necessary in order for digital transformation to succeed.
  • Learn why you should always start with business, not technology, to drive transformation.

Transformation Weekly, July 21st, 2018

  • Find out why mapping and modeling are not interchangeable.
  • Understand out where most companies go wrong with digital transformation.
  • Learn 7 skills you need to keep pace with business transformation.

Transformation Weekly, July 14th, 2018

  • How to achieve innovation in a transformed world.
  • See the top 5 business process management blogs you should be following.
  • Learn how 10 companies did digital transformation the right way.

Transformation Weekly, July 7th, 2018

  • Understand why data security is everyone's responsibility.
  • Learn the 3 barriers of digital transformation and how to avoid them.
  • Answer a key question - to automate or not to automate?

Transformation Weekly, June 30th, 2018

  • Learn what industry leaders really think about two big buzzwords, digital transformation and RPA.
  • Understand effective change management and why audits don't have to be scary.
  • Read the top 5 predictions for GDPR.

Transformation Weekly, June 23rd, 2018

  • Understand why your company needs a digital transformation engine.
  • Find out what a Process Center of Excellence really is.
  • Learn the 7 skills needs to keep pace in business transformation.