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iGrafx BPM Platform

Modeling, analysis and optimization of your processes

04.12.2019, 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. (CEST)

Language: English

The 30-minute BPM Live Demo gives you an overview of the iGrafx structure:

  • Collaborative creation, modification and sharing of BPMN 2.0 diagrams
  • Process and object modeling
  • Change and Performance Management

Speaker: Kathrin Sudyka,

Pre-Sales Consultant EMEA, iGrafx GmbH


Recorded Webinars

iGrafx for SAP - Successfully modeling communication between business and IT

Integration with IT systems is becoming increasingly important for holistic business process management. A major challenge in this environment is the synchronization of information in SAP with your business processes. SAP project structures from Solution Manager 7.2 can be integrated as a supporting process landscape with the help of the iGrafx SAP Gateway. In our webinar we will give you an insight into SAP project structures explaining the following things:

  • How to synchronize existing information in Solution Manager into a iGrafx model?
  • How to design your process modeling using SAP information?
  • How does the iGrafx reporting feature provide you with a comprehensive analysis capability and how can you anticipate the impact of changes?
  • How to map information from iGrafx in Solution Manager?
  • Process-oriented Risk Management with ROPE

    No matter whether you have implemented a risk management system due to legal regulations, market requirements or considerable additional costs. What counts is protecting your business and converting opportunities into measurable business success. In our webinar we will show you a practice-oriented approach to process-oriented risk management with the following highlights:

    • Design of a human workflow for risk identification and treatment of measures
    • Automatic determination of risk values
    • Possibility of linking risks with business processes
    • Comprehensive evaluations and analysis options for the identification of optimization potentials

    Journey Mapping at iGrafx

    Using the practical example of a travel application, we will show you in thiA journey map is a timeline of actions that describe the relationship between your company and either its internal or external customers (or both). Taking the time to map out your journeys provides a unique view of processes, breaks down departmental silos, and allows you to understand – and adjust – your business operations accordingly. Download the webinat to learn:

    • The different types of Journeys, e.g. Customer, Partner, and Employee, and how to integrate them.
    • How to display Journey Maps with a BPM tool such as iGrafx.
    • How to directly link your journey map with existing structures and processes.

    Accelerating the Path to Successful Robotic Process Automation

    As robotic becomes increasingly popular around the globe, the need to design, manage, and measure automation solutions is more critical than ever. Download this webinar to learn:

    • The key benefits and challenges of RPA implementation
    • How to assess projects for RPA implementation
    • How to discover processes with process mining
    • How to model processes, enable risk and compliance, all while staying aligned with your business strategy
    • Best practices for successful deployment of RPA technology
    • How to measure the ROI of your RPA implementation

    Enabling Process Automation & Improvement with Digital Twin of an Organization and Process Mining

    Industry veterans George Bennett, VP of Business Development at myInvenio, and Robert Thacker, Global Director of Product Marketing at iGrafx explain:

    • Automatically identifying best candidate activities to automate or improve
    • Measuring and simulating the impact of improvement initiatives before implementation
    • Monitoring and controlling processes in real time to ensure conformance and compliance

    Human Workflow Management - Compliant Digitization of your Business Processes

    Using the practical example of a travel application, we will show you in this webinar how the interaction of different interfaces and process participants takes place. The process is mapped from the actual modeling to the enrichment of information to the transfer into the iGrafx Workflow Engine.

    Making processes measurable in iGrafx

    Based on the web platform, iGrafx's PRC module enables you to capture and graphically display KPIs related to a process. The great added value is not just the fact that only processes can be evaluated, but also that KPIs can be mapped for any other enterprise object in the iGrafx repository (e.g. strategies). This allows a holistic approach for KPIs to be developed.

    In our webinar our speaker Katharina Hecht (Pre-Sale Team Lead EMEA) gives you an insight in our performance management solution.

    Automation & RPA Project Identification, Assessment, and Prioritization

    Aaron Bozeman, Regional VP of Major Accounts, North America at iGrafx, and Lance Gibbs, Founder & Chairman at BP3 Global, Inc. will discuss:

    • How to ID, assess & prioritize process automation & RPA projects
    • How to understand the cycle of improvement
    • How to identify the easiest and most obvious places to start

    Webinar: Process-oriented Risk Management with ROPE

    No matter whether you have implemented a risk management system due to legal regulations, market requirements or considerable additional costs, what counts is protecting your business and converting opportunities into measurable business success.

    In our webinar our speakers Stefan Hessenbruch (Director Customer Success EMEA) and Katharina Hecht (Pre-Sale Team Lead EMEA) will give you an insight in our solution ROPE (Risk & Opportunity Process Excellence), which will actively support you in your risk management initiatives.

    Webinar: Establishing a Process Center of Excellence

    iGrafx Center of Excellence expert, Aaron Bozeman, Director of Customer Success, North America, explains:

    • What a Process Center of Excellence (CoE) is
    • Where the Process CoE should live within an organization
    • How to build and structure your Process CoE

    GDPR Webinar: Get Compliant and Stay Compliant

    GDPR, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is fast approaching, and we’d like to help you turn compliance into a competitive advantage. In case you’re unfamiliar, GDPR will dramatically change the way that data must be handled by any company doing business with the EU, and it introduces significant penalties for those who are not compliant.

    Ed Maddock, iGrafx CTO and GDPR expert discusses:

    • The impact of this new regulation, and what it means for your organization
    • How iGrafx can provide a solution for all GDPR stakeholders, from Legal to IT to Process
    • Why it can’t be a “one and done” solution


    Think process automation won't fit into your real world? We beg to differ, friend! Get ready to learn about the considerable benefits you will achieve by deploying and monitoring model-driven automated processes. Find out how you can realize quick turnarounds, save costs, and consolidate disparate toolsets by leveraging one go-to integration.

    Attendees will learn how to:

    • Identify opportunities for process automation
    • Get agile by employing rapid design and deployment
    • Create reliable, repeatable processes that reduce costs and lead times
    • Get insight into progress (or problems) with real-time process status monitoring
    • Leverage personalized dashboards to see performance trends and plan for the future

    iGrafx Executive Webinar Series

    Part 4: Using Performance Management to Drive Continuous Improvement

    Without visibility into business, service and process performance, your chances of getting to your desired destination - continuous improvement - are slim to none. Let Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice show you how leveraging the right performance indicators can help you achieve business transformation at your organization.

    What's covered:

    • Link performance objectives to relevant business goals
    • Define measurements for business, service, process and applications
    • Set up performance metrics
    • Improve decision making and reporting flow
    • Use controls and monitoring for continuous improvement

    Part 3: Strategy to Execution - Aligning the Operating Model

    The best, most solid strategic plan is worthless if not carried through to successful execution. Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice joins us to share how you can greatly improve the odds of successfully implementing your strategic plan. See how putting forth a disciplined process made up of connected activities will enable your organization to take that strategy and make it work.

    Learn how to:

    • Map and define the Operating Model
    • Identify integration and/or standardization opportunities
    • Set up operational measurements and link them tactically and strategically
    • Control operational activities within Process Modeling
    • Use people distribution techniques and IT solutions to improve operations
    • Use policies and guidelines to ensure compliance and governance

    Part 2: Achieving Cost Reduction through Business Transformation

    Join iGrafx and our special guest, Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice, and learn what REALLY works for companies seeking cost-cutting through specific process optimization.

    Covered in this session:

    • Case studies of cost-reduction; what works and what doesn't
    • Cost saving strategies and critical success factors, and how to relate them to specific business areas and processes
    • How to identify opportunities for cost-reduction by identifying duplication of business functions/tasks, resources and services through a process view
    • How to monitor success of cost-reduction measures in real-time through dashboards & cockpits (KPI's and PPI's)

    Part 1: Enabling Business Innovation & Transformation

    In this 60+ minute webinar, special guest Professor Mark von Rosing, Founder of LEADing Practice, shows how organizations today have no choice but to be innovative with their new products and services, while transforming existing offerings to become and remain competitive. See for yourself how a mix of best and leading practice processes can be used to achieve standardization, integration, and cost cutting, while still developing core competitiveness and differentiation.

    What's covered:

    • Learn how an extended business modeling approach can enable the necessary change companies need today
    • Explore the difference between performance and value drivers and how and where to use them
    • Find out about iGrafx's Business and IT-enabled modeling principles to link strategy, business competencies and value
    • Discover how process efficiency, effectiveness and innovation can be realized in a matrix or siloed organization


    Get Mature - How to Grow Your BPM Program

    Organizations want to achieve process maturity, but it can sure feel like an impossible goal. If it seems like one step forward and a landslide back to you, don’t fret! Take a walk with us as we show a case scenario of how an organization moves through each phase of process maturity, and how iGrafx can help guide your way.

    Covered in this session:

    • What is process maturity, really?
    • What role does BPM technology play in process maturity, and who are the actors involved?
    • How iGrafx solutions support organizations at any stage of process maturity
    • How iGrafx services assist organizations in assessing their process maturity and planning for advancement


    Get Lean - Value Stream Mapping for Office and Service

    In this 60+ minute presentation, our special guest Karen Martin of the Karen Martin Group will show how being lean isn’t just reserved for Manufacturing processes - information-intensive operations such as Service and Knowledge processes have the ability to be lean too.

    What's covered:

    • The key differences between Manufacturing and Office/Service Value Stream Maps
    • The process of Value Stream Mapping in Office and Service environments
    • Common wastes in Office and Service environments and goals for future state planning
    • Digitally capturing, sharing, and storing Value Stream Maps